You have the ice-cold metallic barrel of a gun pressed against your head. The nervous sweat and crocodile tears are streaming down your face. And then it happens, your assailant asks you that one ridiculously important question; one that could spell out whether you live or die. “Who is this year’s absolute best new hard music act?” he asks in his deep angry voice. All of a sudden, your entire demeanour changes as you realize that without a shout of a doubt, this might be one of the easiest questions you’ve ever answered. You collect yourself, gather your nerves, and then with a smug smirk, you turn to the man holding the gun, stare him in the eyes, and mutter one word; Bloodsimple.

Now, I know what you are thinking, “can this group really be that good?” Damn it, YES. Not only does their debut disc “A Cruel World” offer a tidal wave of ridiculously amazing songs, but the group is in fact comprised of five super-talented musicians who each possess roots in music which date back quite far. Take for example, Bloodsimple frontman Tim Williams and guitarist Mike Kennedy, who were both formerly members of an old school metal-core group called Vision of Disorder. This particular band was highly acclaimed and despite the fact that it did dissolve, while still together, VOD in some ways, helped spawn much of today’s hard and heavy music.

Secondly, guitarist Nick Rowe is a technical genius who boasts a super music fat resume which includes training in classical and rock guitar as well as over a decade of jazz guitar instruction. Furthermore, bassist Kyle Sanders has played with Skrew, a well-known industrial-metal band and more recently with Medication. Drummer Chris Hamilton has also played with Medication and even other bands like Downset and My Pain. By now it is more than evident that Bloodsimple boasts some seriously seasoned talent. And if you don’t want to take my word for it, or for that matter, the word of many others who are starting to comprise the increasingly large Bloodsimple following, then maybe this next fact might tweak your interest. Simply put, Bloodsimple’s sound is so volatile, attractive, and unique that Mudvayne frontman Chad Gray almost without hesitation signed them to his own label, Bullygoat Records.

Ultimately, even though Bloodsimple theoretically formed in late 2001, it was not until they enlisted additional guitarist Nick Rowe, that they felt their music explode into other dimensions or richness and creativity. Thankfully, after a few years of hard work, in March of 2005, their debut disc “A Cruel World” was unleashed upon our unprepared world. Now, as the masses are slowly starting to feel the energy and excitement that Bloodsimple has to offer, only one thing can prove to be true; Bloodsimple has a bright future ahead of them. In any case, it would prove to be an almost impossible task for a band to not succeed when they themselves are so enthralled by their own music. Tim Williams was quoted on the band’s website as saying “…people are going to be blindsided by this record and I can say that with confidence – I think this is my greatest work.” These words could not be truer, for this disc is incredible. The experience, the talent, and the determination are all there, now the band just has to wait for the rest of the world to catch up!

Bloodsimple strives to be different from other bands and by making use of their many influences and experiences, they have truly succeeded. The group’s dynamics are phenomenal and this only aids them in constructing songs which are not only simultaneously extremely diverse yet befitting, but also succeed in being virtually genre-defying. The eleven tracks featured on this record are literally all awe-inspiring. Bloodsimple’s music has the ability to instil in you a ridiculously god-like sense of invulnerability and then subsequently tear you apart and leave you wondering why you feel so down and sad. Not too often does a band this incredible come along, but luckily for us, this is our reality and we have here at our disposal some of the most amazing recent rock/metal to enjoy for the rest of our lives.

Check out the song: “Plunder”


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