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As of now the general public can stop by their local disc monger and pick up ‘Grim Scary Tales’, the anticipated new full-length from Chicago’s murder metallers Macabre, as it is officially unleashed upon North Americans today. As always, the band released the album on their own Decomposed Records imprint, with distribution in North America on this release via Willowtip Records.

Death metal icons Deicide are gearing up to release ‘To Hell With God’ on February 15th and are now giving fans their third and final peak at the new album. Fans can head over to NoCleanSinging.com for the chance to hear the album’s closing track, “How Can You Call Yourself A God”. The song is a an impressive blend of Deicide’s brand of brutal death metal with incredible guitar soloing and is available HERE.

Today Stereogum hosts the official premiere of “Vanvidd,” the fourth track from Burzum’s upcoming ‘Fallen’ full-length. Burzum’s eighth studio offering will be released in North America on April 5. The album is the second to be released via Varg Vikernes’ imprint Byelobog Productions. The follow-up to the critically acclaimed Belus features seven new compositions by the controversial Norwegian musician and striking cover art by renowned French painter William Adolphe Bouguereau.

In 2011, KEN Mode has returned faith to all fans of heavy music that there is still new ground to be covered. One of the most unique and destructive slabs of music to come along in quite some time, ‘Venerable’ has already caught the attention of many new fans and press alike. On March 15th, the first offering of KEN Mode’s new partnership with Profound Lore Records will be made available to the public but today the band has decided to give another sneak peak…

Johan Hegg, leader of Viking-inspired death metal collective Amon Amarth, will premiere “War Of The Gods” on Full Metal Jackie’s syndicated metal radio show this coming weekend (January 28 – January 30). “War Of The Gods” is the opening track off the band’s anticipated ‘Surtur Rising’ full-length, scheduled for North American release via Metal Blade on March 29, 2011. The eighth long-player in Amon Amarth’s winding discography, ‘Surtur Rising’ was recorded, mixed and mastered…

Bloody-Disgusting.com is hosting an exclusive premiere of the track “Fracture” from Clandestine’s debut album ‘The Invalid’. The album will be out on February 15th on Nightmare Records. Guitarist Dan Durakovich said the following about “Fracture”: “What’s up Bloody Disgusting? ‘Fracture’ is one of our favourite songs to play so we’re happy to give you and your readers the chance to check it out first.”