the internet home of Goldmine Magazine is hosting an exclusive premiere of the new Karmakanic song “1969”. The track is taken from their forthcoming release ‘In A Perfect World’ which will be out August 9th in North America on InsideOut Music. Check out the exclusive stream of “1969” HERE.

‘In A Perfect World’ is an unexpectedly smooth flow of musical styles from beginning to end. Steeped in an instantly recognizable ’70s vibe, each of the seven tracks featured on the album have their own unique personalities without sounding mismatched. Whether it’s the opening romp of “1969” or the smokey blues 10 minute outro of “When Fear Came To Town”, ‘In A Perfect World’ never derails itself under the weight of its own creative genius.

‘In A Perfect World’ Track Listing:

01. 1969
02. Turn It Up
03. The World Is Caving In
04. Can’t Take It With You
05. There’s Nothing Wrong With The World
06. Bite The Grit
07. When Fear Came To Town
08. Turn it up (Radio Edit) (bonus)
09. Video: Send A Message From The Heart (recorded live in the studio) (bonus)

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