Underrated F*cking Albums is a series we’re running on, well, albums we think are fucking underrated. Sure, some of you might totally disagree with us, in fact, you might think we’re absolutely retarded for thinking these releases merit even a smidgen of your precious time. Well we don’t care. These are our opinions and we’re entitled to them, plus we’re big and bearded and are willing to fist fight to the death to honour the music we love… well, maybe 1 or 2 of us. The rest of us are kinda wimpy, so please be nice and don’t pound us. Either way, check this shit from: Archaios, Faster Pussycat, and Edguy.

Buckcherry’s rise and fall has been well documented, as the band heads into Confessions. Sitting down with PureGrainAudio.com’s Mitch Lafon in mid-February, frontman Josh Todd walks us through the band’s painstaking efforts to make the album they wanted to make and stay true to their vision of what it means to be Buckcherry in 2013.

Some bands have a certain swagger about them. Buckcherry are one of those bands and Confessions, their latest album, is no different on that score. Dirty rock n’ roll is the order of the day here, as it always has been for the American trash-rockers although, this time, there is a little more depth to the content. Well, when I say a little more what I really mean is that Confessions isn’t purely an album about partying, strippers, and “recreational” powders.

Hollywood Burnouts’ new album Excess All Areas is a grand tribute to all the sleaze metal bands of the past in both look and sound. While some of you may scoff at the band and their over the top image, I personally loved the album and thought it was a fun offering that reminded me of why I got into metal in the first place. Singer Mike Nazzty was gracious enough to shed some light on the band, so crank up the album and read this interview!

Hollywood Burnouts are a sleaze metal band from Germany. Now, sleaze metal has seen a slight resurgence over the past few years with classic 80s bands like Motley Crue and Poison enjoying renewed popularity while newer bands like Steel Panther are gaining large fan bases. The problem with playing this type of music though is the possibility of going too far into self mockery… like Steel Panther. Fortunately, although the Burnouts are outrageous, they don’t take it to Spinal Tap proportions.

Generation Wild is the latest disc from Swedish glam metal act Crashdiet. After a brief intro things get kicked off with a bang. “Armageddon” is classic Crashdiet and really sets the tone for the rest of the disc which is jam packed with big choruses, edgy guitars and well-written songs. The production on this disc is worth mentioning as well; it is big, crisp and clean, the perfect combination for this type of music.

This Is Gonna Hurt: Music, Photography and Life Through the Distorted Lens of Nikki Sixx is a collection of memoirs and photographs from one of the most recognizable musicians in all of hard rock. In his previous book, The Heroin Diaries, Sixx documented his decent into the depths of Hell and his longtime battle with drug and alcohol addiction. Now with many successful years of sobriety under his belt Sixx funnels all of his energy headfirst into his passions; music, photography and living life to the fullest surrounded by family.

Raw, rough around the edges and gutsy, the way I believe metal should be. That is the best way to describe, Generation Wild, the newest release from the Swedish glam metal band, Crash Diet. This CD reminded me of some of the guitar driven bands that came out of the L A Scene in the late 80’s (Skid Row and Hanoi Rocks come to mind).

The latest release from the Swedish sleaze metal band Sister is nothing short of fantastic. Hated oozes sleaze and filth from every pore and with addition of a healthy dose of punk metal thrown into the mix, Sister has put together what I feel is one of the best statements in the genre in recent history. The songs are heavy, raw and visceral, but also incredibly groove-laden.