Rob Halford


After Rob Halford departed from Judas Priest back in 1992, he assembled new band Fight with drummer Scott Travis, bassist Russ Parrish, guitarist/keyboardist Brian Tilse and bassist “Jay Jay” Brown. Soon after their formation Fight began writing their debut album War Of Words which would be released in 1993.

When you think about the two biggest names in ‘70s metal, whats probably comes to mind are Ozzy Osborne and Rob Halford. Ozzy and Rob’s careers have crossed paths several times over the last forty years, so it made for a great combination for an early winter cross-country, Canadian tour with the both of them. Both artists have recent brand new studio records, with Ozzy’s Scream and Rob’s late fall release of Halford IV-Made of Metal.

If there’s anyone who’s done it all in rock/metal, it’s Rob Halford. From Judas Priest, to Fight, to 2wo this guy has had one of the most versatile and productive careers in heavy metal history. It’s become commonplace these days to see rock stars and bands take long breaks and hiatuses from writing, recording and touring, but not Rob. If you take a look back at his career over the last thirty five years, you’d find nary a significant break from music in that entire span.

I got to Parc Jean-Drapeau around the same time 36 Crazyfists hit the stage. I could hear them rocking both past songs and new songs off their upcoming release Collisions And Castaways. The live set was sounding great as I stood waiting to get in. After came Skeletonwitch killing fans with their death/thrash mixture. By the time I got in they were on their second last song and fans were definitely mesmerized by their talent.