After Rob Halford departed from Judas Priest back in 1992, he assembled new band Fight with drummer Scott Travis, bassist Russ Parrish, guitarist/keyboardist Brian Tilse and bassist “Jay Jay” Brown. Soon after their formation Fight began writing their debut album War Of Words which would be released in 1993.

14 years after said release Fight decided to give fans a taste of the original demos. The songs were compiled into a disc entitled K5 – The War Of Words Demos which dropped in 2007. The compilation featured demos such as “Into The Pit”, “Laid To Rest” and “Kill It” among others. It also contained a few new tracks such as “Now You Die”, “Down”, “Dead Men Talk”…etc. Fight’s sound is very much heavy metal with elements of speed metal and lots of edge. Alongside the music are Rob Halford’s unmistakable voice, including high pitch notes no normal man should be able to hit. Sure this isn’t Judas Priest, but damn these guys are good.

If you’re familiar with the debut album War Of Words, you’ll certainly hear the difference between these demos and the finals. For hardcore fans it’s worth checking out, if only to hear the songs’ evolution.

Track Listing:

01. Into The Pit
02. Nailed To The Gun
03. Now You Die
04. Life In Black
05. Kill It
06. Contortion
07. Forbidden
08. War Of Words
09. Psycho Suicide
10. Down
11. Vicious
12. Beast Denies
13. Laid To Rest
14. Jesus Saves
15. Dead Men Talk
16. For All Eternity

Run Time: 1:10:42
Release Date: February 6, 2007

Check out the song: “War Of Words”