re release


The Ghost of Heritage is a re-release of Winterfylleth’s debut album which originally came out a few years ago. Besides being remastered, the album also features two new tracks that were not on the original release. Now, as someone who had never heard the album before, I can’t tell original purchasers whether or not a re-purchase is necessary, but I can say to those of you who who haven’t that it is definitly worth buying.

Partout, Québec-based thrashy folk metal band Nordheim self-released their album Lost In The North in 2010. A year later Maple Metal Records signed the group and re-released the full length. By genre association alone, thrashy folk metal perfectly describes their sound – they’ve essentially written fast metal music overlayed with keyboard’s emulating folk instruments. Overtop all of this are growls and the occasional shouted group vocals. Long story short, Nordheim have compiled a key album that could possibly help push for a broader Canadian folk metal scene.