Displeased Disfigurement, after releasing a whole new record earlier this year, return with a re-release of their 2013 debut effort, Extermination Process. It’s a disgustingly brutal album, full of crushing riffs and rage-imbued lyrics, but it doesn’t do a whole lot to impress.

The strongest track is “Megalomaniac Human Abduction”, which builds well upon a strong central riff and leads into an entertaining guitar solo. It’s decent stuff, but nothing mind-blowing. Indeed, this is a thought that remains with you throughout the record. The brutality (including pig squeals in “Suck Your Pussy”) is rather staggering, but it isn’t amazingly enjoyable thanks to a lack of solid structure or any standout moments.

As mentioned, the riffs are brutal and crushing, but it is never particularly catchy, the record sort of just… happens. The nine tracks are all decent enough, but there is unfortunately never anything that will make you sit up and take notice (the closest to this will be the decent guitar solos peppered throughout). You’ll enjoy the brutality well enough, but beyond that there is little that gives Extermination Process the extra push it needs.

It’s clear that Displeased Disfigurement enjoy what they do, and Extermination Process is by no means a bad record. There are some decent moments here, with cool riffs permeating the foul air of “Nausea” and “Megalomaniac Human Abduction”, but things never really kick into another gear. Despite the cool bits, the album is held back by the lack of solid structure or any truly standout moments.

Extermination Process Track Listing:

01. Lockdown
02. Eviscerate the Carcass
03. There Will be Vengence
04. Default Identity
05. Megalomaniac Human Abduction
06. So Bleed It
07. Suck Your Pussy
08. Fleshpots of Egypt
09. Nausea

Run Time: 37:40
Release Date: January 20, 2018

Stream the original Extermination Process release here.