The seasons are changing, and I’m dropping my winter coat to opt for sunglasses. To commemorate the shift to nicer weather, I often find myself moving away from my usual heavy metallic taste and embracing my inner Warped Tour kid by busting out the pop punk and post-hardcore. The sun is shining, and all I want to do is listen to music that is light, catchy, and incredibly two-steppy. Bitter Kids’ re-release of their EP Monster House was just the album I needed to kick start my summer.

Through pairing ambient keyboards with catchy, often times heavy, guitar work and topping it off with honest lyrics that come through crystal clear, Monster House has an undeniable appeal. The opening track “Voices” hooks the listener in from the get go with addicting riffs and an equally addicting chorus about being true to yourself.

Title track “Monster House” demonstrates how keys can add an entirely new depth to hardcore music. The occasional dirty vocals paired with soaring clean singing work together impeccably throughout the song. The most memorable line perhaps in the entire album shined through on this track: “Maybe I’m not build to last in a scary place like this. The walls are thin, the oxygen is thick with fear from the furnace.”

Overall, Monster House is a catchy breath of fresh air with lyrics that are sure to resonate with almost every listener. Fans of Saosin will definitely appreciate the album, and if you’re into the heavier stuff Issues’ Michael Bohn makes a mosh-worthy guest appearance on the track “Painted Pictures.” I strongly suggest rolling down your windows and blasting Monster House on your next long drive.

Track Listing:

01. Voices
02. The latest Scene
03. All Of This
04. The Next Life
05. Monster House
06. Painted Pictures (feat. Michael Bohn)
07. All of This (Reimagines) [feat. Braden Barrie]

Release Date: February 16, 2015
Run Time: 26:54

Check out the song “The Next Life” here.