Regardless of how you feel about pop punk, It’s difficult not to admire a band that’s so forthcoming in its intentions; New Jersey’s Man Overboard has been proudly flying the “Defend Pop Punk” banner for the past couple of years, tearing through a slew of EPs and split releases pulsing with upbeat, nearly effortless songs that are as infectious as they are heartfelt. The full-throttle pace, unapologetically sweet melodies and and self-aware lyrics about girls, relationships and (of course) the inevitable breakup may not be your cuppa, but let’s all admit that Man Overboard do it better than just about everyone.

A Loss For Words are at the top of the list of hardworking bands currently out there. Having released 3 EPs and their full-length album, The Kids Can’t Lose since 2005, they are a group with unstoppable dedication, hard work, and creativity. A Loss For Words have been regarded by members of Bayside, Four Year Strong and Bane as the hardest working band out there right now.

Live It Out’s debut EP, Little Bear. Big Forest, is appropriately named, for sure. They play a style of fast, aggressive punk that really reminds me of bands like In Bear Country, Living With Lions, early Polar Bear Club – and a shitload of other Hardcore inspired bands. Not to say that’s a bad thing.

MySpace isn’t all that bad (well okay maybe it got to the point where I log in every 100 days), but, had I not signed up eons ago I would never have “met” Ryan Warrell. With oodles of hours spent on AIM chatting about music, future aspirations, families and everything under the sun, we created a long distance friendship (at best).

On a Friday night after work I decided to pop over to a local show in the next town over. Here I was introduced to pop/rock sensations The Maddigans. They have just released their EP Way So Start This and after seeing them live I had to get myself a copy and decided to share with you just how it sounds.

Lonely Road is the second studio album by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, which was released on February 3, 2009. The first single off the album was “You Better Pray”. The song “Pen & Paper” was released as a free download on the band’s website. Three weeks before the debut of the album, the songs “Represent”, “Pull Me Back” and “Believe” were made available for free streaming from their website.