On July 15th, the Warped Tour stopped by Toronto’s Molson Canadian Amphitheatre. The venue was filled with tons of kids eager to see and meet their favorite bands. One of the most popular sets of the night was Sleeping With Sirens, who played the Kia Soul main stage at 8:40 pm. Before the set, I got a chance to talk to guitarist Jesse Lawson about playing the Warped Tour, their recently released acoustic EP, his favourite rappers and his reaction to the Tupac hologram performance.

After releasing a universally well-received debut EP in Fun Club a few months back, Brighton’s Gnarwolves are set to follow it up swiftly this summer with a new release. CRU drops on July 16th through Tangled Talk Records and Day By Day Records (GER) – fans of punk rock and pop punk from any era should find something love with the band. A new song from the EP called “Coffee” can be streamed below.

Par 6 just released their newest single, “Rewind,” which can be streamed for free below. The single comes off of their upcoming EP, Be Kind, Rewind, which follows up their 2010 release Don’t Worry About It…, and will be released digitally June 29th. Check out the first single and get ready for the new release!

Rewind hits stores at the perfect time of the year; with a unique Summery beach sound I feel this is the perfect soundtrack for hanging out on the shore. With lots of harmonies, more than a few sing-along moments and a heavy pop/punk slant, this makes for a fun, enjoyable record that made me want to grab a cold one, bury my feet in the sand and watch the bikini clad women stroll by. This is not a heavy record by any means, but I really dig it. If it gets the exposure it deserves, I think Summertime Dropouts will have a big success on their hands.

I’ve always had a real soft spot for good pop-punk, ever since I started listening to Blink182 when I was about 12 years old. This said, with their new release Time & Temperature, the melodic pop-punk band Steiner Street managed to recreate all the things that made me love the genre at that young age. By incorporating several aspects of music that I listen to today however, Steiner Street managed to create something both nostalgic and fresh.

Welcome to the world premiere of Steiner Street’s music video for their track “Fish in a Barrel”. The song is taken from their debut album, Time & Temperature, available now from Third Time Lucky Rekords/Break-a-Sweat Entertainment. Joel Messer of Crashboombang Media met up with the fellas of Steiner Street the week before the release of their debut to flier the town, hang out, and eat ice cream: this is what he captured. Grab the new album HERE.

I received this disc at the perfect time of the year; Life Goes On is a great blend of ska, punk and pop which I feel is an excellent complement to just about any Summer activity. The album is full of ear candy and has an incredible production that makes it an ideal, summery beach affair. While it’s not a disc that reinvents the wheel by any means, the songs and melodies are catchy enough that they’ll be stuck in your head all summer long.

Mirrors is the 2011 LP from Springfield, Massachusetts group Maker. It was released by Animal Style Records on vinyl and by 6131 Records on CD. The album consists of 10 tracks loaded with pop punk tunes each boasting “rough” vocals which overall, afford the music somewhat of an indie feel. Even with this edgier sound though, the songs remain quite upbeat and catchy.

Die Pretty are a pop punk band from New York that I cannot stop listening to. If you’ve watched their music videos you will notice their super-cute vocalist and bassist, Sarah Orloff, owning a good amount of ink. I recently got the chance to ask Sarah about her tattoos. Also check out their music video for “Voices” under the interview to see and hear her and the band’s greatness.