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Streets To Ourselves Project Positivity with Their “I Always Knew” Music Video Premiere

Pop-punk act Streets To Ourselves keeps things positive with the premiere of their new music video for “I Always Knew.”



Streets To Ourselves in Jan 2024
Streets To Ourselves in Jan 2024

If you’re starting the day at IHOP, like Streets To Ourselves are in this music video, you know it’s going to be a good day. The band, who we previously interviewed for our UnCovered series, is proud to unveil their eventful new music video for “I Always Knew.” The song is off the band’s sophomore LP, The Truth Between Us, which will be released soon. Pop-punk has traditionally been known as a “fun” musical genre, and Streets To Ourselves is a fun band.

“I Always Knew” is the follow-up to the band’s “Crash” single, an awesome and intense DIY clip. Much like “Crash,” the band took matters into their own hands for “I Always Knew.” It was directed by the band and filmed by bassist Sean Tardo. The song and video clip are meant to be a contrast to one another, while also complementing each other.

Explaining how “I Always Knew” and its video go together, frontman Daniel Peachy states:

“‘I Always Knew’ is a breakup song about staying in a relationship that you knew was doomed. Because the lyrics are pretty bleak, I wanted to contrast that with a positive, fun music video. I came up with the idea to essentially make a short film telling the story of a day in the life of our band, and to subvert expectations by showing everything except us playing music.

“We decided to shoot it very DIY and film it ourselves on an iPhone. I wanted the music video to have a feeling of home, so we included some scenes with our bass player’s wife and their son, and also our drummer’s wife and their dog. Whereas I’m shown without a significant other, which I think ties the video together with the breakup theme of the song.”

Peachy is the driving force behind Streets To Ourselves. He started it as a solo project, which it stayed as for quite some time. But it was always Peachy’s plan for this to become a band, with the aforementioned Tardo and drummer Jesse Formosa recently coming aboard. Creating fun and catch pop-punk was always the ultimate intention for the Toronto band. The Truth Between Us has been their focus for quite a while now, with much of its recording done in 2022 with producer Sam Guaiana (Silverstein, Bearings, Intervals, Between You & Me).

Expect The Truth Between Us to be a down-to-earth, energetic record with a positive force behind it. The band is functioning at a high level these days. Work has already begun on their third record. Peachy’s plan might have seemed like a pipedream at one point, but it’s been executed beautifully. Punk rock has always been about how much heart you have, and Streets To Ourselves keeps proving that they have plenty of heart to get by and more.

Streets To Ourselves “I Always Knew” single artwork

Streets To Ourselves “I Always Knew” single artwork

Streets To Ourselves ‘The Truth Between Us’ album artwork

Streets To Ourselves ‘The Truth Between Us’ album artwork