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Bali’s MANJA Premiere Heavenly New Single “MNSF”

Bali indie/pop trio MANJA hope to take you on a heavenly journey through their new single “MSNF”. Check out our premiere of the track here.



MANJA, press photo

Once upon a time, MANJA’s vocalist and guitarist, James Sukadana, grappled with the silence of writer’s block. Then, a melody struck like thunder, breaking the quiet and revitalizing the soft-spoken frontman. The sonic offspring of that moment is their latest single, “MSNF.”

The trio, who consist of James and brothers Nick Pratama on guitars and keyboardist Mark Saputra, call the song “Minasofa,” but the song might imply a different name to each wanderer:

“It is up to the listener how to pronounce or write it. It is a different state of mind or place for every artist or listener, so everyone is free to devise their word for it.”

Take your journey when you check out the premiere of the single here:

Inspired by The Weeknd and Parcels, MANJA aimed to capture a retro-futuristic sound for “MNSF,” with James assisted once more by acclaimed vocal director Irvan Natadiningrat for recording his vocals.

The track’s music video, a visual feast crafted by Jakarta-based directors Gisela Febrina Juwono and Adine Halim, will take you on an adventure to a familiar yet otherworldly magical place.

“MNSF” is not just a song but a destination, a mythical utopia a million miles away from the predicaments of life where a kaleidoscope of sounds washes away the complexities of identity. And MANJA invites you to lose yourself in “MNSF””

“MNSF” is available to stream or download on all digital streaming platforms today. You can also find out more about the band from their official Instagram.

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