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Illucid Shines Bright with the Premiere of His New Single “Polarity”

Electronic artist Illucid pays homage to his roots and his history as an EDM artist with the premiere of his new single “Polarity.”




After many years of making moves and building blocks behind the scenes, it’s Illucid’s time to enter the spotlight. Today, he unveils his new single “Polarity,” an EDM throwdown that shows how far he’s come in a short time.

It’s a masterfully put-together track, emphasizing his evolving skills as a producer and music maker. The song effectively combines IDM, dubstep, and hip-hop and hits all the right notes. It’s a significant step forward in a transformation Illucid got rolling only a couple of years ago.

Discussing “Polarity,” the DJ and producer states:

“Both an homage to my roots, my old fans, and my history and a huge step forward using that inspiration as part of my new sound. It’s a big deal for me and I’m so thankful to be releasing it with an awesome team like Grand Alliance Music.”

Illucid is Jonathan Moreno, a visionary electronic artist, producer, DJ, and festival director from Perth. He has a long history of putting together some of the city’s most infamous outdoor events, lending a real hand to so many artists, and helping them grow and diversify their audiences.

Discussing his history as a live music event organizer, Moreno tells us:

“What was originally a once-off thing to try and get some exposure as a DJ turned into the largest guiding force in my life. For the next ten years, all of my good friends, connections, and life goals centred around music and events.

“Our parties went on to be some of the biggest WA had seen, we got carried away and built stages that sometimes used in excess of two tons of scaffolding, simply praying that the rangers wouldn’t find us and shut it down before it was in full swing.

“Through this ten-odd-year career, we booked some insane artists. The hardest part of it all was telling managers that the ‘address’ of the venue was just a long list of directions and turns (and that even I couldn’t give them an address, but a Google pin-drop should suffice?).

“We had names like Mr. Bill, Clozee, Stickybuds, Ed Solo, Father Funk, Beats Antique, The Freestylers, Spoonbill, Mad Zach, Opiuo, Kll Smth, Koan Sound, and so many more. The outdoor scene swelled and we built a cult-like following.”

For now and moving forward, Illucid has identified this as his time to break out. Assisting other artists is fulfilling and has many benefits, but everyone wants their own moment in the spotlight. And it’s quite clear that he’s never felt more comfortable as an artist in his own right than he does right now.

With his evolving skills as a producer and his passion for the project, Moreno is determined to make this his greatest work. It’s only been two years since he started Illucid. In that time, he had already performed more shows than he did in the previous decade. Moreno has had a lot of time to reflect on his own career, but he made good use of the time. He was able to reassess what he really loved and what he really needed from a career in music. Now it’s Moreno’s time to shine and he’s all too happy to make the most of this opportunity.

Illucid ‘Polarity’ single artwork

Illucid ‘Polarity’ single artwork