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Scarboro Premiere Their Hardcore Punk Single “New Normal”

New York City punk rock trio Scarboro have some thoughts on how things have changed lately in the premiere of their new single “New Normal.”



Scarboro, photo by Jillian Brocki
Scarboro, photo by Jillian Brocki

There has been a ‘new normal’ that has taken shape over the last couple of years, and Scarboro has taken issue with it in their new single. It’s a nice slice of hardcore punk from the New York trio, a statement of sorts in how they have seen things change since they were last around.

It’s been five years since the band released the Wolves on the Radio EP, so obviously, a lot has changed. Formally due for release on February 9th via WTF Records, “New Normal” tackles how things have changed in the wake of the COVID pandemic. Society has undergone many transformations, and a ‘new normal’ has been imposed on us. It hasn’t sat too well with Scarboro frontman and guitarist Shi Heng Shi.

Elaborating on his point of view, Shi (pronounced shur) tells us:

“We hear all the time about the mental health crisis, but we don’t talk about what that looks like. I wrote ‘New Normal’ in response to days of suicidal ideation trying to capture the anger, frustration, and uncertainty I was feeling in those moments. When quarantine ended, the news described having to accept living alongside the pandemic as the new normal. In both instances, we’re left on our own to deal with existential crises. I wanted to create something for people in my situation that says ‘I see you. I know what this is like. You’re not alone.’”

As a band, Scarboro is proud to help carry forward the punk rock legacy and spirit of their hometown of New York City. Aside from Shi, the band is rounded out by bassist Jack Counce and drummer Radhika George. Their version of punk is fast and furious, similar to more classic punk outfits. And like many of the classic punk acts, Scarboro is not afraid to speak their mind. In speaking their mind, they are not afraid to make social and political statements if they must.

Shi particularly felt very overwhelmed by the last few years of overwhelming activism and blistering media coverage. He felt it was all starting to tear at the fabric of his identity. So he did the right thing; he was motivated to write a song and in the process, like all great punk rockers, tell it like it is.

Scarboro “New Normal” single artwork

Scarboro “New Normal” single artwork