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Cat Janice and Her Electrifying Final Act: “Dance You Outta My Head”

Cat Janice released her final creation to the world on January 19th, 2024, and it took over TikTok, Instagram and Billboard Charts.



Cat Janice
Cat Janice

Cat Janice is an amazing spirit, performer, mother, and an inspiration to everyone who has come into contact with her electrifying personality. As a mom and musician, I find myself typing as fast as I physically can to get this important story out to as many people as it can reach. Not even twenty-four hours have passed since I discovered Cat Janice’s latest infectious drop, “Dance You Outta My Head,” then I discovered the heartbreaking news that she has precious moments left on this planet.

The 31-year-old Washington, D.C. native was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in 2021. After a two-year battle that included chemotherapy and radiation, she had a recurrence of cancer cells, and in recent weeks, the tumour has tripled in size. Recently, she was sent home and placed in hospice care, spending her last days with her family and friends, enjoying each other’s company and the bittersweet success of “Dance You Out Of My Head.”

In her own words, Cat Janice explains the lasting significance her last song will have for her son:

“My last joy would be if you pre saved my song ‘Dance You Outta My Head’ in my bio and streamed it because all proceeds go straight to my 7 year old boy imF leaving behind.”

Cat Janice released her final electrifying creation to the world on January 19th, 2024, and since then, it has taken over TikTok, Instagram, and Billboard Charts and has become a top story on internet blogs and major news outlets. “Dance You Out of My Head” debuted at No. 37 on the Hot Dance/Electronic Songs with 353,000 official U.S. streams and garnered an additional 3K  in downloads purchased by music heads worldwide. Getting in the weeds, “DYOOMH”  debuted at No. 2 on the Dance/Electronic Digital Song Sales and hit No. 11 on the all-genre Digital Song Sales chart.

Janice’s final wish came true after she self-released her song, “DYOOMH,” which has been featured on countless reels on Instagram and TikTok. “I’m just honestly so blown away by everyone’s love and how they’ve supported me through this and shared this story,” In an interview with Cat Janice expressed joy about the success of this release, “I really wasn’t expecting to be here. I really do believe it’s a miracle to be able to witness this. I’m just very happy to be here.”

Cat Janice has an amazing catalogue of songs in addition to “Dance You Out of My Head,” her next most streamed song coming in on Spotify with over 1 million streams is “White Shoes,” a song prime for a Portola Festival sunset set in San Francisco. Cat Janice has releases from 2018, with party hits for singles “Pricey” & “Crypto Kids”! In 2023, Cat Janice unleashed her formidable debut album “Modern Medicine,” which has some amazing singles available for your ear drums. This album includes some of her most popular streamers, “Strawberry Morning,” “Chill The Fck Out,” and “Body High.

Janice comments on her hopes for her son’s future:

“I am leaving all proceeds to my son who is very musically inclined, hoping to give him the boost in music he will need later in life.”

Cat Janice, as an artist, is extremely talented & refreshing, and she will have left too soon when she is taken from the world. Cat Janice deserves so much respect for her contributions to music and everything she has accomplished these past few years despite her circumstances. As a mother, she has given all she can to leave something behind for her son, who helped write the lyrics for “Dance You Out of My Head.” Check out her electrifying tunes on all streaming platforms, and support Cat Janice in her final wish!

Cat Janice will be remembered for the greatest of things: being a mother and putting the love of her child above everything! She will also be remembered as a world-class artist who left a catalogue of gifts for everyone to enjoy. Cat Janice has inspired millions of people, continues to spread love, and has created human connections, even in the face of death. In the irreplaceable absence of her beautiful soul, we will have to take her gifts as an amazing consolation, but the truth is that we will never be able to dance her out of our hearts and minds.

Cat Janice “Dance You Out of My Head” single artwork

Cat Janice “Dance You Out of My Head” single artwork

Lover of all things music, Vanessa De La Rosa has been involved in the music scene most of her life in different capacities. All genres welcome, she is a past master in the art of "nerding-out" with music, and is excited to explore that passion by sharing the stories of artists everywhere. Fan of: Festivals, gear, music production, all genres, supporting artists, concerts, and merch!


Lovataraxx Release “Tilda Vaast” from Upcoming ‘Sophomore’ Record

French synth group Lovataraxx has released the music video for their new single “Tilda Vaast” from their new album ‘Sophomore.’



Lovataraxx, photo by Tanguy Quézo
Lovataraxx, photo by Tanguy Quézo

“Tilda Vaast” is the first single off Sophomore, the new album by French cold wave and minimal synth duo Lovataraxx, to be released on April 5th, 2024, via German label Cold Transmission.

Julien Hoes states:

“The song was created a couple of years ago, while I was thinking about my grandmother, after her death. My grandmother, Mathilde, was deeply romantic, she was all the time reading soapy Harlequin romances. Sometimes, when she was very old, she didn’t remember that she already read one of those novels so she started over. Sometimes she also pretended that she was reading, in order to be left alone, because she didn’t want to talk. And I noticed, ‘Gran, you’re holding your book upside down! What are you thinking about?

“And we were all laughing, but she never told us what was on her mind. Mathilde left Algeria before she was 40 years old, and settled with the whole family in a grey and industrial town. I guess it was really hard at the beginning. But I feel like, in her thoughts, year after year, she was still over there, a young and free lady walking on the seaside.

“When she was looking at me, I had the impression that her eyes were deep and vast like the Mediterranean Sea. I proposed once or two times to go all together back in Algeria, but she wouldn’t go. She spent her old age locked away indoors. Whereas, when she was young, she was always outside. Once, after her death, I grabbed a couple of pictures of her, back to the time when she was living abroad, by the sea. And I realized that I hardly knew anything about that person in the pictures. So I gathered a couple of elements in my mind, and this is the story of Tilda Vaast.”

Lovataraxx “Tilda Vaast” single artwork

Lovataraxx “Tilda Vaast” single artwork

The single is accompanied by a music video directed and produced by Ramataupia featuring actress Ayris Taban.

After their critically acclaimed album Hébéphrénie which was released in 2020, Sophomore is a new step on the band’s trajectory, influenced by synthetic music, 1980s or 1990s horror, and SF movie soundtracks. A resolutely fairy, modern and personal record that can be pre-ordered now.

Lovataraxx ‘Sophomore’ album artwork

Lovataraxx ‘Sophomore’ album artwork

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OSHEAGA Music and Arts Festival Returns with Powerhouse 2024 Lineup

OSHEAGA Music and Arts Festival dropped an unbelievably impressive lineup for their 2024 edition this week.




The OSHEAGA Music and Arts Festival dropped an unbelievably impressive lineup for their 2024 edition this week. The 17th edition of the festival will take place from August 2nd to 4th, at Parc Jean-Drapeau on Île Saint-Hélène, close to downtown Montréal. Headliners include SZA, Green Day, and Noah Kahan setting the tone for a diverse exhibition that is sure to appeal to the masses.

Representation is present for all genres at this year’s fest. Rock is covered by old-school legends Rancid, LA rockers The Linda Lindas, ’90s indie favourites Sleater-Kinney, and grunge icons The Smashing Pumpkins. R&B will be backed by hip-hop pioneer T-Pain, as well as Tyla, Ayra Starr, and Michaël Brun. Pop is represented by Mean Girls powerhouse Reneé Rapp, Euphoria star Dominic Fike, and alt-pop phenom Melanie Martinez. Indie will be covered by Irish musician Hozier and this generation’s Elvis, Stephen Sanchez. EDM will be showcased with sets by world-class producers like Martin Garrix and Labrinth.

If you’re someone who enjoys all types of music, this year’s OSHEAGA is a can’t-miss event. The lineup easily competes for the best of 2024. Tickets are on sale 2/21 for 3-day passes and 2/23 for single-day passes. Prices are as follows:


PLATINUM TICKET / 3 DAYS: starting at $1,620 CAD

Get your tickets while they last!

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Album Review

Gianfranco Pescetti – ‘DAYSTAR NOCTURNAL’ [Album Review]

Gianfranco Pescetti delivers a series of ambient/dance bangers, coalescing a nexus of complexity and intoxicating extracts on ‘DAYSTAR NOCTURNAL.’



Gianfranco Pescetti ‘DAYSTAR NOCTURNAL’ album artwork
Gianfranco Pescetti ‘DAYSTAR NOCTURNAL’ album artwork

Composer and producer Gianfranco Pescetti recently unveiled his latest album, DAYSTAR NOCTURNAL, his first new album in almost a decade.

Speaking about the album, Pescetti says, “DAYSTAR NOCTURNAL is my attempt to explore the depth of emotions and create a profoundly personal and evocative sound without conforming to the rigid specifications of a particular genre, all while keeping an eye to the dance floor.”

Originally from the Tuscan Island of Capraia, he previously lived in France for a few years before moving to the United States to continue his music career. He currently lives on the Hawaiian Island of Maui.

Influenced by an eclectic range of music, including modern chillwave, Depeche Mode, and The Cure, Pescetti’s sound incorporates instrumental atmospheric electronica with dance vibes and elements of modern indie rock.

Comprising ten tracks, DAYSTAR NOCTURNAL starts with “Clownspunk.” Flickering tones shape a rising intro that evolves into a shimmering, ambient-flavored dance melody. As the melody progresses, a psychedelic-lite dance vivacity slowly takes over, pushing the ambient surfaces into the background.

High points include the changing emotional sensations of “Obsidian,” which utilizes amiable layers of shifting colors riding a galloping rhythm to fashion a warm, sparkling melody punctuated by glistening, chiming textures.

Gianfranco Pescetti, photo courtesy of Gianfranco Pescetti

Gianfranco Pescetti, photo courtesy of Gianfranco Pescetti

Sundog” places darker rhythmic pulses against the illumination of drifting, humming, twinkling blushes, thus giving the melody a lingering, hypnotic intensity, at once exotic and full of lavish refinement. “Be My Ghost” swings away from the ambient and pushes into the more muscular momentum of EDM, employing a driving kick drum and elusive tints of disco.

Capraia,” a blend of industrial and heavy, atmospheric dance components, molds a mechanistic mood, simultaneously shadowy and foreboding. “The Wake,” eerily haunting on one level, pours like a waterfall on another level, giving the tune dual interpretations: either a progressive lament or a celebration of natural beauty.

The album concludes with “Stopless,” traveling on a propelling rhythm topped by intertwining layers of scintillating, aerated percolations, heady with impetuousness. For some reason, the melody conjures up the impression of EDM gingered with hints of Ennio Morricone-like Spaghetti Western.

Gianfranco Pescetti delivers a series of ambient/dance bangers, coalescing a nexus of complexity and intoxicating extracts.


1. Clownspunk
2. Macchia, I’ll See You…
3. Obsidian
4. Sundog
5. Nostalgia Aime Le Rouge
6. Be My Ghost
7. Capraia
8. The Wake
9. Fogbound
10. Stopless

Run Time: 35:47
Release Date: January 25, 2024
Record Label: Independent

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