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Women of Rock: NOANNE Lists Her Edgy and Dark Queens of Rock

Czech Republic-based singer-songwriter Noanne counts down her five favourite and most inspirational, edgy and dark queens of rock.



NOANNE, photo by @photogothica
NOANNE, photo by @photogothica

For a relatively new artist, NOANNE sure has a pretty solid idea of the kind of artist she wants to be. The Prague, Czech Republic-based singer-songwriter has struck a chord with her latest single, “White Glove.” It’s evidence of her unique style, joining together the worlds of pop music, theatre, film, and even the world of AI.

As you might have expected, NOANNE is a very expressive artist, using these immersive artistic mediums to define her true essence. Her goal is to reel listeners in with her deep realm of introspection and personal self-discovery. She’s sure to be one of the most non-conforming artists you will ever encounter. Her style is both classical and post-modern and 100 percent unique.

As an up-and-coming female artist, NOANNE has been influenced by many other artists in many other mediums. Today, in our latest Women of Rock feature, she shares five of her most cherished female musical influences. She has taken this opportunity to specifically focus on more edgy, darker-edged female rock artists, who carved their niche within a grittier, more traditional rock n’ roll music sphere.

1. Patti Smith

“Often referred to as the ‘punk poet laureate,’ Patti Smith’s fusion of rock and poetry in songs like ‘Gloria’ has profoundly influenced me. Her raw energy and uncompromising artistic vision have been a guiding light in my pursuit of blending lyrical depth with powerful rock soundscapes.”

2. Siouxsie Sioux

“A pioneer in the post-punk scene, Siouxsie’s dark, atmospheric sound and distinctive voice, especially in tracks like ‘Spellbound,’ have taught me the power of creating a mood and an aura that transcends traditional rock.”

3. PJ Harvey

PJ Harvey’s evolution as an artist and her ability to consistently reinvent her music, exemplified in songs like ‘Down by the Water,’ resonate with my own aspirations of musical growth and exploration.”

4. Debbie Harry

Debbie Harry’s blend of punk, rock, and new wave, combined with her iconic style, particularly in hits like ‘Heart of Glass,’ have influenced my approach to blending genres and aesthetics.”

5. Joan Jett

Joan Jett’s raw, rebellious spirit, epitomized in ‘I Love Rock n’ Roll,’ has inspired me to embrace a bold and defiant attitude in both my music and my persona.”

NOANNE “White Glove” single artwork

NOANNE “White Glove” single artwork

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