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UnCovered: Alec Rose Cracks the Concept Behind the Artistry of “Nothing New” Cover Art

Alec Rose divulges the inside scoop behind the cover art of his newest lo-fi bedroom pop single, “Nothing New.”



Alec Rose, photo courtesy of Alec Rose
Alec Rose, photo courtesy of Alec Rose

Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and producer Alec Rose recently released his new single “Nothing New.” Mixed by NICOLOSI and mastered by John Davis, this track touched upon themes such as mundanity, feeling stuck, boredom, and more. It leans into a minimalistic style while maintaining modern clarity and intentionality in the production.

Lo-fi undertones are enhanced by charming lead vocals as the intensity of instrumentals fused with the attitude of the lead vocal immediately fosters an intimacy that invites the listener into a relatable conversation over acoustic chords, snaps, drums, synth and sub-bass. Aside from the track’s wide range of frequencies, creating a sonic blend that hits listeners with an intriguing immediacy, Rose left us all intrigued with the track’s cover art.

And so, we delve into the concept behind the creativity in this short UnCovered interview with Alec Rose.

Please help us understand what you are trying to convey with the cover’s imagery. Give us details on the concept.

Alec Rose: “The artwork is really meant to capture the boredom that can exist in the human psyche even when everything around you can be seen as interesting and colourful from a different perspective. The bored, unconcerned look on my face juxtaposed with the chaotic and colourful face painting attempts to achieve that duality.”

Who created the artwork? How did you decide on that artist?

“The artwork was created by myself, in collaboration with my good friend Adam Rubman.”

Are there any symbols or stories hidden in the artwork?

“The artwork just had the right attitude and really conveys the feeling of the song for me. As mentioned, it’s that juxtaposition of boredom within chaos that really is thematic for both the song and artwork.”

Alec Rose “Nothing New” single artwork

Alec Rose “Nothing New” single artwork

Who are some of your favourite visual artists?

“To name a few in a wide range of styles: Juan Gris, Ralph Steadman, and Shel Silverstien.”

Please elaborate on the medium(s) used when creating the art. We’d love to know how the artwork was created.

“For this artwork, I had painted my face for a separate music video that never saw the light of day. I took a screen grab from that video, in which I had the perfect expression for this song. Funny how sometimes you think you’re making art for one thing, and it ends up the perfect thing for something else!”

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