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Check Out Zach Schuh’s Engrossing, Synth-Laden Single “Blurry Pictures”

Rising, independent singer, songwriter, and synthwave artist Zach Schuh has released his brand new single “Blurry Pictures.”



Zach Schuh

With his brand new single “Blurry Pictures,” rising independent artist Zach Schuh continues to build on the momentum and adoration he has earned for a distinctive sound that he writes, arranges, produces, mixes and masters entirely on his own in his bedroom.

The California artist’s vibrant, synthy style and irresistible melodies have seen him tipped as a
potential breakout star. Many have lauded the multi-instrumentalist’s unique approach, often in
disbelief that these fleshed-out and nuanced sounds are the work of just one man.

“Blurry Pictures” is a release that exemplifies this, a track packed full of sonic intricacies and quirks that feel engrossing and engaging throughout, thanks to the optimistic nature of the sound and its flowing sense of variety and uplifting spirit. The warm and spacious appeal of the sound is characterized by its synths and Zach’s alluring, soulful vocals, resulting in an absorbing, laid-back, blissful anthem.

Zach Schuh is no stranger to setbacks and obstacles, having suffered multiple injuries to his hips and spine that have derailed his musical career and caused moments of genuine uncertainty. Currently recovering from a recent spinal surgery, the artist is now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and the optimism and charm of “Blurry Pictures” showcase an artist bouncing back stronger than ever.


Music is the thing that kept Zach sane and positive throughout his journey, and the track’s uplifting and dreamy tone is a stark contrast to the adversity that he has faced, highlighting his capabilities and closing the chapter on this darker time.

Zach Schuh “Blurry Pictures” single artwork

Zach Schuh “Blurry Pictures” single artwork