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Indie Folk Artist Emma Webb Releases Her Brand New Single “Unmistakable Truth”

Bristol-based singer-songwriter Emma Webb has released her enticing indie-folk singer “Unmistakable Truth.”



Emma Webb

Bristol-based Emma Webb delves into monogamy, morals, and chemistry in her new single
Unmistakable Truth.”

The singer-songwriter’s latest release keeps with Webb’s enticing indie-folk pop style that she has mastered throughout her previous releases. Webb is influenced by various musicians and genres, but it’s the iconic artists from the ’90s that she feels particularly drawn to, such as Alanis Morissette, The Corrs, The Beautiful South, and Natalie Imbruglia. In terms of songwriting and lyricism, she finds inspiration from the likes of Paul Simon, Carole King, and Joni Mitchell.

“Unmistakable Truth” questions the concept of monogamy and whether it still works in today’s society. If not, why not, and what’s changed? If so, is it healthy and appropriate for everyone as a default?

The track is honest in its approach, explaining that chemistry with others is always going to exist, whether in a monogamous relationship or not. The central theme asks listeners to recognize this and consider their own decision as to whether they’d act on it or not, with Webb explaining she “found it really fascinating to step into the perspective of that in this song.” “Unmistakable Truth” is definitely a stand-out track as it delves into a topic that is rarely discussed in mainstream music. With so much music focusing on either love and romance or heartbreak and betrayal, “Unmistakable Truth” adds colour to what has always been a black-and-white conversation.


It is this bold creativity and desire to explore unique, uncharted territory in her songwriting that
makes Webb such an intriguing artist to watch. She has already reached over 265,000 total Spotify streams. Webb has also received support from powerhouses such as BBC Introducing and numerous editorial publications. She has also performed on BBC Radio Two, BBC Proms in the Park: Hyde Park, and Britain’s Got Talent. The rest of 2023 is sure to set her up for even more success and opportunities in 2024.

Emma Webb “Unmistakable Truth” single artwork

Emma Webb “Unmistakable Truth” single artwork