Kat Von D, known worldwide for her incredible music, tattoo work, successful TV shows and influential presence in the beauty industry, is back with her latest single, “Vampire Love.” This mesmerizing ’80s-influenced track is the lead single from her upcoming album, slated for release early next year. The song was co-written by Shep Solomon and Fernando Garibay.

Exploring the depths of human longing for connection, “Vampire Love” is brought to life with a Halloween-vibe music video helmed by the horror virtuoso Ryan Valdez. The video features model Julien Crane and the celebrated Spanish artist Vinila Von Bismark.

In the song and video, Kat Von D takes the listener into a mesmerizing realm of vampires, enticing the imagination with the allure of a fantasy setting where one is free to surrender to their desires and let go completely. V13 is excited to bring you this new interview with Kat Von D, and talk more about “Vampire Love,” and get some of her thoughts on music and creativity.

Hi Kat, thanks for taking the time to speak with V13. We love the “Vampire Love” single and video. Can you tell us a little about the song and its meaning?

Kat Von D: “Thank you! I loved getting to write this song alongside legendary Fernando Garibay and Shep Solomon. Our goal was to write a dark and synthy dance track that would give the listener a feel of what it’s like to dance with tears in your eyes.

“There’s something so relatable to the desperation we feel when we want to find a love that could last forever so badly.”

Your 2021 album, Love Made Me Do It, and your Exorcisms remix EP were great. What are your plans for the new LP next year that includes “Vampire Love?” Any details?

“We will be releasing three more singles (and music videos) off of my upcoming album My Side of the Mountain, set to release in Spring 2024. Fourteen new tracks, with a handful of exciting collaborations that we will announce in January. And then a tour following shortly after!”

Kat Von D ‘Vampire Love’ album artwork
Kat Von D ‘Vampire Love’ album artwork

The music video for “Vampire Love” is a huge production, and a beautiful piece of work. What was it like working with incredible talent like Julien Crane and Vinila Von Bismark?

“Thank you! I’m beyond proud of that video, and loved working with everyone involved. Especially the director, Ryan Valdez. He tends to specialize in the horror movie genre, but was happy to help me with this music video. His dark and haunting approach made this movie even more romantically beautiful than I could imagine.

“As for the cast, I absolutely loved working with both Julien Crane and Vinila Von Bismark. We are so grateful that she was willing to fly all the way from Spain to star in the video. We are both huge fans of Vampira, so that was the main inspiration behind her character.

“As for Julien, he’s the closest thing to a beautiful vampire that I have ever seen in real life. So obviously, he was perfect for the role.”

We are really feeling the Gunship remix of “Exorcism.” How did that collaboration come to fruition, and how do you pick those you work with on remixes and overall production for your music? (Shep Solomon, Fernando Garibay, etc.)

“I’m such a huge fan of Gunship, and that’s actually how I was lucky enough to connect with them. I had posted a video on my Instagram with one of their songs off their first album. The next thing you know, they’ve asked me to sing on one of their tracks. That led us to a beautiful friendship, and they were kind enough to remix one of the tracks off my last album, which I adore!

“My dream would be to eventually play with them on a European tour one day. I think our fans would be ecstatic.”

What’s next for your journey in music? Any shows, tours, etc.?

“My bandmates and I are so excited to finally hit the road and tour the new album in the summer!”