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Swedish Singer-Songwriter Simon Russell Releases His Debut EP ‘Art By You’

Swedish singer-songwriter and TikTok star Simon Russell has released his debut EP ‘Art By You’ via Sony Music Sweden.



Simon Russell, photo by Anna Högberg

Alt-folk artist Simon Russell has released his debut EP, Art By You, via Sony Music Sweden. With a crisp folk sound, Russell has crafted a musically adventurous EP that is warm, yet raw, and full of grace. Leading up to the EP release, on October 6th, his debut song “Moon Eyes” was released.

About “Moon Eyes” Russell says:

“It’s about memories throughout a year, split up in the seasons autumn, winter, spring, and summer. A song about time. How often we let time slip through our fingers, and how difficult it is to catch.”

Elsewhere on Art By You is the song “Down:”

“A frustrated, emotional and raw song, about politics and oppression. It also touches on hierarchies, weapon laws, the patriarchy, and racism.”

Regarding “What You Wrote,” Simon Russell states:


“It’s a song about mental health, about trying to move on from the dark thoughts that whispers lies to you, about letting go of a bad place and remembering that there is a home somewhere out there where you can feel safe.”

Lastly on the EP is the song “The Boxer,” an acoustic interpretation of Simon & Garfunkel’s classic.

With roots in England, Ireland, and Sweden, Russell was born and raised in Härnösand, a small coastal town in the north of Sweden. Throughout his youth, he discovered music and a fascination for art, photography, and writing. He paved the way for his early global success using TikTok as a way to connect with like-minded people. His channel has garnered over 30 million views and over 50k followers. View his TikTok here: Simon Russell (@simonnrussell).

Simon Russell ‘Art By You’ album artwork

Simon Russell ‘Art By You’ album artwork