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Josh Morris Lightens Things Up with His “When The Night Is Over” Single Premiere

Singer-songwriter Josh Morris premieres his very likable, poppy, and upbeat new single “When The Night Is Over.”



Josh Morris in 2023, photo by Kiki Vassilakis

Some artists are hung up on a certain sound, while some, like Josh Morris, aren’t so fickle. Morris is more focused on quality and emotion and less concerned with fulfilling a preconceived idea of what he should sound like. You hear that in his new single “When The Night Is Over.” It’s a poppy, upbeat, enjoyable song that you’d have a hard time directly correlating with any genre or time period.

The song may remind you of ’80s adult pop radio with a sprinkling of new wave. As Morris himself would describe it, his music can be characterized as “sounds for the many,” with playful lyrics that are conversational and lighthearted.

Discussing “When The Night Is Over,” Morris shares with us:

“Fueled by layered synths and chorused guitar jabs, it makes you feel like throwing your hair up with some Aqua Net and giving in to that primal urge of wearing neon headbands.

“Fast forward a bit and you’ll see that the lyrical content paints a portrait of pre-COVID college life in the late 2010s. Social unrest and cultural tensions are at a seemingly all time high. Words can’t be taken back, relationships can’t be saved, reckless alcohol-driven escapades from the night before can’t be forgiven or forgotten. So what do we do? For starters, maybe unclench a bit. It’s really not that serious.”


Morris has a long history, primarily as a supporting musician in various bands. He used to earn his keep as a drummer, performing with artists such as Girl Blue, Delaney Silvernell, and American Idol finalist Julia Gargano. Now, as a singer-songwriter, Morris has worked hard to cultivate his own identity. You may think of him as an artist who is still finding out who he is and where he stands. It’s actually a continuous process for Morris, letting his mind take his songwriting to far-off places it has never been before. As a musician, this approach is working wonders for him, keeping things fresh and keeping the creative juices flowing.

Josh Morris “When The Night Is Over” single artwork

Josh Morris “When The Night Is Over” single artwork