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Indie Pop Group Jiants Release Their Brand New Full-Length ‘Tall Tales’

Indie pop band Jiants have just released their latest full-length ‘Tall Tales,’ featuring the hit new single “The Hard Way.”



Jiants, photo by Yasmin Mojaver

Once hailed by Paste Magazine as “a band to watch,” Jiants is a three-piece indie-pop band from Toronto led by the songwriting of ex-professional skateboarder Jesse Landen. Their fourth LP, Tall Tales, was engineered and produced by Gavin Gardiner (The Wooden Sky).

“The Hard Way” is basically a classic “get your girl back” song. It’s about realizing you have a special bond with someone and deciding whether to step forward with them or leave each other behind forever, with the knowledge that if you attempt this relationship again, it’s either going to be the best decision you ever made or destroy you both completely.

Discussing the album, Landen states:

“The recording process was actually really fun and to be honest, with very little expectation of people even hearing it. I think being able to maintain that mindset of artist freedom throughout really made this record a bit of a gem.”

Tall Tales is Jiants’ most straightforward pop album to date. It was written with very little expectation of people even hearing it. Being able to maintain that mindset of artistic freedom was what made this record such a gem.


Jiants ‘Tall Tales’ album artwork

Jiants ‘Tall Tales’ album artwork