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Mokroïé Premieres His Spirited New “Forest of Uncertainty” Music Video

Mokroïé premieres his wondrous, striking new music video for “Forest of Uncertainty” from his upcoming EP ‘Moving Forward.’



Mokroïé, photo by Jérôme Sevrette

There’s a lot of very appropriate symbolism at play in Mokroïé’s new single and music video for “Forest of Uncertainty.” The second single from his new EP Moving Forward, the video takes you through a six-minute fast-paced journey of the outdoors. Within the lyrics and the content of the video, the French artist alludes to dubious present and future.

The song features the vocals of Chicago artist Allonymous, who helps bring a certain soul and urgency to the song. Allonymous’ words and enunciation emphasize an immediate need or importance, a necessity to take action. The video is a real trip, with some beautiful visuals, entirely created and produced by Mokroïé himself.

Discussing “Forest of Uncertainty” and its meaning and significance, Mokroïé tells us:

“There is a twofold reading and a wealth of influences in this track: on the one hand, the torments of an individual caught up in a world beyond his control, and on the other, a concern for the future of the planet. The video pays tribute to nature. The track is made up of vast ethereal layers, electronic sparkles and a rhythm syncopated by the Afrobeat imprint.”

Mokroïé “Forest of Uncertainty” single artwork

Mokroïé “Forest of Uncertainty” single artwork

Mokroïé is the stage name of composer, producer, and remixer Franceso Virgilio. As evidenced by both this song and his work on the video clip, Virgilio is more of a multimedia artist. The Moving Forward EP is an extension of this song and video. It alludes to a chaotic universe where creativity and energy are the driving forces. They are also our saving graces, the most capable factors in staving off evil and tragedy. Virgilio went into this with the intention of recording powerful music. The power in the sound is meant to inspire positivity and enthusiasm in the listener.

Sonically, Moving Forward is an ambitious collection of electronic music with a little more of a rock edge than Virgilio has previously shown. He wanted these songs to sound more like compositions that would effectively fit into films. It all relates to his original intention for Mokroïé, a musical project depicting the inherent violence of life. It’s very colourful music that is best enjoyed with focus and deep commitment.


Mokroïé ‘Moving Forward’ album artwork

Mokroïé ‘Moving Forward’ album artwork