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Detective Frog Unleashes Debut Album ‘Vol. 1’ on Halloween

Detective Frog unveils their debut album, ‘Vol. 1,’ on Halloween, setting the stage is set for a macabre masterpiece.



Detective Frog

Prepare to enter a musical dystopia like no other as Detective Frog unveils their debut album, Vol. 1, on Halloween! The stage is set for a macabre masterpiece, the perfect auditory elixir to accompany your Halloween festivities.

Detective Frog’s debut album is the culmination of the Las Vegas trio’s remarkable journey, marked by a whirlwind of attention and acclaim from media and fans alike. With every single release, from “Pale Teeth” to “Invisible Man” to “The Blob,” the band has carved a path through the music world, leaving an indelible mark with their unorthodox sound and magnetic energy. This debut album is the triumphant result of their relentless pursuit of musical innovation and their ability to capture the hearts and ears of an ever-growing audience.

Vol. 1 is a chilling descent into the very heart of their enigmatic minds. It’s the kind of album that transports you to an abandoned drive-in movie theatre, where the echoes of rebellion and twisted romance resound through the night. Desert rock and garage rock collide in a feverish cacophony, creating a sound that defies conventions and pushes the boundaries of rock music.

Commenting on the album, vocalist Jacob Riddle states:


“I think the cornerstone of Detective Frog is that it doesn’t have to be especially musically sound, just so long as it fucking rips.”

Much like their previous offerings, “The Blob” and “Invisible Man,” the album is a fearless exploration of sonic landscapes. Detective Frog continues to redefine the genre, proving that they are not your typical rock band. Their audacious experimentation and genre-defying sound solidify their reputation as sonic mavericks, pushing the limits of musical innovation.

Vol. 1 is available now on all major streaming platforms, promising a journey through time and sound that is nothing short of immersive. Detective Frog invites you to embrace the eerie and surreal, making this Halloween a truly unforgettable one. With Detective Frog, there are no rules—only electrifying revelations.

Detective Frog ‘Vol. 1’ album artwork

Detective Frog ‘Vol. 1’ album artwork