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Brad Stank Premieres His Welcoming New Single “I Belong To You”

Soul singer-songwriter Brad Stank doles out the feel-good vibes with the premiere of his “I Belong To You” visualizer video.



Brad Stank, photo by Corey Rid

A lot of artists like it fast, but some, like Brad Stank, prefer to keep it slow. As he so effectively demonstrates on his new single “I Belong To You,” the singer-songwriter can masterfully dole out the slow jams. It’s representative of a lot of his creative output, an artist more interested in sentiment and feeling than flashiness and grandiosity.

From his new album, In The Midst of You, “I Belong To You” is an ode to love and affection. There’s a sensual vulnerability within the mood of the song and Stank’s voice. Musically, it feels very warm and welcoming, like two arms wide open, ready for a hug. Along with the debut of the song is a visualizer video, which features shots of Stank and his band performing. The footage is taken from a recent show they played in London, England.

Discussing “I Belong To You,” Stank tells us:

“This song features Lydia Kitto on backing vocals and is all about letting go of the past. It’s a little wonky, and sits right in the middle of my new LP, kind of summing up the message of the record in a short but very sweet way.”

This is the fourth single from In The Midst of You, as Stank winds up for its release in the new year. Refreshingly, Stank has a bit of an old-school approach to his music. He writes, records, and generally conducts himself like more of a classic singer-songwriter. His sound and approach are reminiscent of classic R&B artists when music was more spiritual and felt more meaningful.


His songs are jazz-leaning but certainly rooted in the spirit of R&B and old soul music. There’s a heavy influence of Eastern philosophy within these songs, which helps explain their level of serenity. There isn’t exactly a huge market for romantic songs anymore within popular culture. Fortunately for us, Brad Stank has delivered, giving us the slow jam we so desperately needed.

In The Midst Of You Track Listing:

1. Midnight Tears I
2. My New Heaven
3. Flicker On!
4. Don’t Go, Don’t Go
5. Long Distance
6. I Belong To You
7. Natty Wine
8. Cry Baby
9. Midnight Tears II
10. In The Midst Of You

Brad Stank “I Belong To You” single artwork

Brad Stank “I Belong To You” single artwork