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Track-by-Track: Kim Brogli Dives Into Themes Behind Her EP ‘The Fight’

Rising Country artist Kim Brogli takes listeners behind the stories of each track in her new EP ‘The Fight’ for an insider look.



Kim Brogli, photo by Chelsea Erica Smith

Rising country artist Kim Brogli’s debut EP, The Fight, brings to life an eclectic mix of musical styles and poignant themes. With influences from Americana, folk rock, and alternative country, The Fight takes listeners on a journey through life’s trials and triumphs, including mental health awareness, love and relationships, parenting, self-doubt, and self-help, all while maintaining an element of fun.

Kim Brogli delves into her personal experiences, exploring the depths of self-doubt and condemnation and advocating for self-acceptance and hope. Other tracks explore the complex world of parenting, love and relationships. There is even a heartfelt commentary on addiction and its impact on loved ones. It’s all derived from Brogli’s own life experiences. These complex themes are brought to life through soul-stirring lyrics infused with a hint of blues, reminiscent of artists like Patty Griffin, Lori McKenna, or Brandi Carlile.

Brogli joins us today for an exclusive track-by-track rundown of the creativity behind her debut EP.

1. “Crazy For You”

Kim Brogli: “This is the only cover song on the EP. I chose this because, first of all, I’ve always loved the song. But secondly, when I just started playing it one day on the acoustic guitar, there was something so beautiful about stripping this song down. It really brought out the intimacy. I hoped to capture that in my version while, at the same time, honouring what I loved about the original. I really think my producer, Will Gawley and the band did a great job of doing that. Plus, I’m a sucker for love songs, so I will always have love songs be a part of my body of work. I’m just a big hopeless romantic.”

2. “What A Waste”

“This was my first co-write. I got together with BMI winner and hit songwriter James Dean Hicks to come up with songs for my debut. I had recently been thinking about a couple of people who just couldn’t seem to get out of their own way and just lived their life angry and bitter, and I thought, what a shame they couldn’t move past that.

“When I met up with James, he had been thinking about something similar in regards to the effects that addiction leaves on loved ones and said ‘What A Waste’ chorus came to him one day while on the golf course. So, we set out to write a song about that. I hope it resonates with a lot of people, especially in light of the decline in mental health post-pandemic. There is also a powerful video that will accompany this release.”

Kim Brogli 'The Fight' cover artwork

Kim Brogli ‘The Fight’ cover artwork

3. “The Fight”

“I started writing ‘The Fight’ a year or so before I actually finished it. This was a song for my boys. At the time I started writing it, I was watching them deal with some bullies, and it was making them doubt themselves. My husband told me they needed to handle this to become men and how it was part of growing up. So I had to bite my lip, and when my hands felt tied, I wrote this song.

“The message is about keeping perspective on bullies and those who try to bring you down. But more than that, it’s about keeping perspective on the person you are and the person you desire to become in the midst of things in our world that seem contradictory to that.”

4. “Let Her Go”

“‘Let Her Go’ is my modern-day version of the Prodigal Son story. It was a song I wrote by myself one day in the parking lot, waiting on my boys. I had my guitar in my car so I sat out on a bench under a tree and was thinking about how blessed I am. But at the same time, my battles with self-doubt and not feeling worthy of the unconditional love and grace I continuously receive from God and my husband. So, for me, I really wrote it as a spiritual song. It’s about wrestling with my own free will yet being in awe of my own redemption and what I’ve been saved from.”

5. “It’s A Good Day”

“This was another song I co-wrote with James Dean Hicks. He had the chorus idea in his head, and I absolutely loved the melody and tempo. I wanted something fun and up-tempo for the EP since I had dealt with some pretty serious subject matter, and this was perfect. When he sang the idea for the chorus, I looked down in my songwriting journal and had the words, ‘We were 21 with nothing but time.’

“So we thought it would be cool to turn this into my life story, so to speak. So it’s just a fun take on my life story. I wanted it to be a song you put on and sing along to at the beach or just driving down the road enjoying the day. And it’s a reminder not to take life too seriously.”

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