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Alternative Pop Duo LOVECOLOR Release Their Latest Single “Crazy Love”

Alternative pop duo Lovecolor, featuring Vanessa Silberman and Ryan Carnes, have released their brand new single “Crazy Love.”



LOVECOLOR, photo by Michelle LoBiano

Dealing with your emotions can feel like a rollercoaster at times, and LOVECOLOR has a song about it. The duo has released their brand new single, “Crazy Love,” a song acknowledging the crazy side of love. There are many highs and lows along the way, and it can feel like things will go topsy-turvy at any time. But you can’t help but hold on for deal life and enjoy the ride while it lasts.

LOVECOLOR comprises singer, songwriter, and producer Vanessa Silberman and musician and actor Ryan Carnes. Carnes has an impressive list of television and film credits, most notably a several-year run on the TV soap opera General Hospital. As a duo, Silberman and Carnes try to create a diverse sound, but one predicated on ’80s synth pop.

Discussing “Crazy Love,” Silberman states:

“We wanted to really capture a super pop ’80s sound, mixed with some crazy ’90s grunge guitar and some fun pop vocals, while lyrically doing a play on the idea of what ‘crazy love’ looks and feels like. Love can make your emotions feel just amazing, entranced, insane, erratic and like you’re trapped inside a washing machine.”

Carnes adds:


“Sometimes they last, sometimes they don’t, but they always come with big feelings. We wanted to write a song that’s reminiscent of those big feelings and evokes the warm and fuzzies of a sexy connection full of whimsy and romance, no matter how fleeting it may be. There’s often a sort of intoxication that seems to come from the ones that aren’t meant to last… the ones that end as quickly as they started. There’s a sheen to those, but often it’s an illusory sheen that betrays the lack of staying power and true compatibility. The ones that are all shiny and no substance can be quite the sleight of hand. ”

Lovecolor “Crazy Love” single artwork

Lovecolor “Crazy Love” single artwork

Although Silberman and Carnes first began working together in 2019, they didn’t officially form LOVECOLOR until late last year. Each of them has a lengthy and diverse musical background, which helps simplify the process of starting to write together. Their songs are energetic and catchy, bringing together alternative pop, dark synth, dance, and rock music. While Carnes has largely found his way here as an actor, Silberman has both been a songwriter and producer. She has helped engineer albums for Tony Visconti, Kimbra, and Jello Biafra of The Dead Kennedys. She has also worked as an assistant engineer in the Foo FightersStudio 606.

As a duo, LOVECOLOR didn’t release their debut single, “Dangerous,” until this past February. They followed that up with the release of “Pure Love” at the end of May. They have fit quite a bit of touring into that time, getting the word out about what LOVECOLOR is all about. Things are coming along promisingly, a unique duo in a time of overexposed familiarity within the industry.

Tour Dates:

12/03 – Las Vegas, NV @reddwarf_lv (FREE / 21+)
12/05 – Fresno, CA @tiogasequoia (FREE)
12/06 – San Francisco, CA @dnalounge
12/07 – Hermosa Beach, CA @saintrocke (21+)
12/08 – Tucson, AZ @groundworkstucson
12/09 – Phoenix, AZ @thenileshop
12/11 – Portales, NM @unclemikes
12/12 – San Antonio, TX @502bar
12/14 – Fort Worth, TX TBA