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Isabella Dussias – “Honest” [Song Review]

“Honest,” the new track from indie-pop sensation Isabella Dussias, is a cinematic masterpiece that dives into the complexities of heartbreak.



Isabella Dussias “Honest” single artwork

Looking for an indie-pop gem that hits all the feels? Look no further than the new single from Isabella Dussias – “Honest” – an emotive and soul-stirring indie pop ballad infused with folk influences that explores themes of heartbreak and vulnerability in the face of manipulation.

“Honest” is a departure from Isabella’s usual groove – diving deep into the messy, complicated world of relationships and, you guessed it, honesty. It’s like she’s singing about that moment when you realize you can’t fake it anymore. Real talk: we’ve all been there, and the lyrics hit close to home as a result. Isabella’s not holding back… it’s like she’s saying, “Look, I’m putting it all out there, flaws and all.” The result? A song that’s not just about music but about sharing a genuine piece of herself.

Isabella’s voice takes center stage, backed by a lush arrangement of synths, guitars, and delicate ukulele, violin, and harp to build a bit of rhythmic magic and evidently draws on her background as a composer. The instrumentation gradually intensifies as the song progresses, mirroring the lyrics as they evolve from expressing helplessness to frustration. This gradual cinematic build eventually erupts into an emotional crescendo as listeners digest the central lyrical theme of how being “too honest” with oneself underscores the experience of being so self-aware of manipulation that it becomes challenging to act naturally, confirming the manipulator’s success. She comments:

“I hope this song can provide some kind of catharsis to whoever may be experiencing a similar, frustrating situation.”

In a nutshell, Isabella Dussias’ “Honest” is a whole mood. It’s the musical equivalent of a late-night chat with your bestie, where you spill the tea and bare your soul. If you’re into indie-pop that’s as real as it gets, give this one a spin. Isabella’s definitely earned her spot on your playlist with this gem.


Run Time: 4:20
Release Date: November 10, 2023
Record Label: ID Music

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