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VVON DOGMA I Premieres the Potent New Single “Lithium Blue”

VVON DOGMA I, the progressive metal project of Frédérick “ChaotH” Filiatrault, premieres the explosive new single “Lithium Blue.”



Frédérick "ChaotH" Filiatrault

It may not be completely an anything-goes approach, but VVON DOGMA I is about as progressive as you can get. Get a load of the lyric video for “Lithium Blue,” and you’ll hear what we mean. VVON DOGMA I is the avant-garde metal project of FrédérickChaotHFiliatrault, who is best known for his work with the band Unexpect. They had a nice run in the 2000s, but since they went on hiatus in 2015, Filiatrault has made VVON DOGMA I his primary creative focus.

Since his debut Communion EP, Filiatrault has tried to make this musical venture as adventurous as possible. He just released The Kvlt of Glitch this past May, where you can find “Lithium Blue.” The backbone of it is him with a 9-string bass guitar, focused on creating his own musical niche.

Discussing “Lithium Blue,” its origins, and its motivations, Filiatrault tells us:

“This track is also some of the oldest material on there. It was already out on the Communion EP in 2017, but was all written actually a few years before that. So I guess it was the unlikely blend of early James Blake influences and some monster low-tuned riffing. We really got to play with the production style and the string arrangement on this track. Some of the vocal harmonies were actually from an early demo that Leï (Unexpect singer) made like a decade ago on my first attempt at writing this… again… old material. Maybe I shouldn’t take ten years to release a record.”

Even if it took ten years, it was worth the wait. The album will take you out of your comfort zone with a grouping of songs very different than your average modern metal record. Filiatrault pays tribute to each period of music that had a profound effect on his life. There is a heavy focus on ’90s alternative rock and nu-metal, but also modern electronic and ambient music.


As the sole conductor behind VVON DOGMA I, it enables Filatrault to have full creative freedom. The Kvlt of Glitch is a gaze inside Filiatrault’s psyche, very personal and even confessional. But like all great songwriters, he’s left it intentionally vague so that listeners can attach their own meaning to these audacious new songs.

The Kvlt of Glitch Track Listing:

1. The Void
2. Tabula Rasa
3. Triangles and Crosses
4. Day of The Dead
5. One Eye
6. Hivemind
7. Lithium Blue
8. 2 + 2 = 5
9. Hurt
10. The Great Maze

VVON DOGMA I ‘The Kvlt of Glitch’ album artwork

VVON DOGMA I ‘The Kvlt of Glitch’ album artwork