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Kerri Powers Premieres Her Inspiring and Empowering New Single, “Rosie Blue”

Country-infused singer-songwriter Kerri Powers unveils her new single “Rosie Blue” off her upcoming record, ‘Love Is Why.’



Kerri Powers, photo by Jean Molodetz

It may not be clear at the time, but as Kerri Powers helps us understand, there is a lot to gain through loss. Today, she debuts her new single, “Rosie Blue,” which comes ahead of the release of her new album, Love Is Why, on October 27th.

This is certainly one of the album highlights, a song about not letting others get you down. That’s a general theme that recurs throughout Love is Why, a group of songs about self-empowerment. You could be any age or at any point in life and find a lot to relate to. This is just one part of what makes Powers such an endearing and engaging artist.

Discussing “Rosie Blue” and its themes, Powers tells us:

“‘Rosie Blue’ is a metaphor for depression. It’s a song about not letting others make you feel like you’re not good enough or less than. We all have the ability to fly above judgment and insecurity if we believe in ourselves and in something good.”

Love is Why is Powers’ first full-length record in over five years now. And she does not disappoint, with the New England-based singer-songwriter really speaking from the heart on this one. She wrote the bulk of the album through the worst of the pandemic and the lockdowns. This was obviously an emotional time for everyone, but it was intensified by other factors. The most notable one was Powers losing her father around this time, someone she called her best friend. With both grief and longing overcoming her emotions, those sentiments really seeped into these songs. It was difficult to get started, but songwriting became a crutch of sorts. They helped Powers heal, and she hopes that they can do the same for listeners.


Realness and rawness are what drives Powers, and it always has been. But given the circumstances, it’s emphasized even more through Love is Why. Don’t forget all of the infectious hooks and charming melodies, either. This is a nice piece of work from an artist who has found her calling through music and healing, applicable to any and all willing to take a listen. With those hard times behind her now, Kerri Powers is looking forward to the future, with music to share, tour dates to follow, and love to spread.

Kerri Powers ‘Love Is Why’ album artwork

Kerri Powers ‘Love Is Why’ album artwork