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Album Review

Jeshua Marshall – ‘The Flood’ [Album Review]

With its amalgamation of styles ranging from funk to reggae to Americana, Jeshua Marshall’s ‘The Flood’ reveals delicious wrinkles of aural flair.



Jeshua Marshall ‘The Flood’ album artwork

Singer-songwriter and guitarist Jeshua Marshall, of Larry and His Flask fame, recently released his sophomore solo album, The Flood, following on the heels of his 2021 debut album, Shoot The Moon.

Marshall says, “Music, for me, is medicine, therapy, and connection.”

Co-produced by Jeshua and Todd Rosenberg, The Flood features Jeshua Marshall (vocals, guitar), Seth Acquarolo (guitar, keyboards), Davey Hemm (bass), Todd Rosenberg (drums), Miguel Mendoza (trumpet), and Wendi Wampler (clarinet).

Originally from Canada, Marshall grew up enveloped in religious orthodoxy yet was drawn toward secular music, especially the extreme ethos of pure punk. When he was 16 years old, he and his brother Jamin formed a punk band called Larry and His Flask, which later became famous for its reckless finesse.

After touring non-stop, in 2019, Larry and His Flask came to an end, opening the door for Marshall to explore new sonic milieus.

Encompassing ten tracks, The Flood begins with “Water,” a song written by Willy Tea Taylor about Knights Ferry, California. According to Marshall, “Knights Ferry is a very special place to me, a home away from home. As a result, I fell in love with this song and learned it directly from Willy while I was touring through Scandinavia while playing bass for him in 2017.”

“Water” opens on a funky rhythm topped by tasty, bluesy guitars and blatting, sleazy horns. Marshall’s evocative vocals imbue the lyrics with delicious tones.

Jeshua Marshall, photo by Lily Marie Hudnell Almas

Jeshua Marshall, photo by Lily Marie Hudnell Almas

Entry points on the album include the reggae-flavored title track, with its skiffing guitars and one-drop beat. Braying brass gives the melody bright accents as well as a tropical feel. “Unbound” rolls out on a pushing, Americana rhythm as light, gleaming guitars suffuse the melody with creamy, shimmering colors. The feel and mood of the tune are upbeat and buoyant.

Scrumptious, Spanish-lace horns open “Closed Doors,” which segues into a driving country-rock melody brimming with wild energy and psychedelic whooshing inflections. Tinted with reggae hues, “Swing” blends big band energy with rollicking jazz aromas and wickedly sumptuous brass tones.

The closing track, “Wave,” travels on sensuous blues textures, rolling on a captivating, swaying rhythm as Marshall’s vocals imbue the lyrics with lush, alluring timbres.

With its amalgamation of styles ranging from funk to reggae to Americana, The Flood reveals delicious wrinkles of aural flair.

The Flood Track Listing:

1. Water
2. The Flood
3. In A Dream – Radio Version
4. Agua Es Vida
5. Unbound
6. Closed Doors
7. Ride
8. Best Friend
9. Swing
10. Wave

Run Time: 36:48
Release Date: September 22, 2023
Record Label: Independent