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Annie Moscow Premieres Her Moving Music Video for “Open Dream”

Singer-songwriter Annie Moscow premieres the music video for her revealing new single “Open Dream” from her new album ‘Land of Dreams.’



Annie Moscow, photo by Carrie Motzing

Within the headspace in which she approaches songwriting, there was no better title for Annie Moscow’s new album than Land of Dreams.

Ahead of the album’s release this coming February, we get today the music video for the first single, “Open Dream.” It’s a taste of the revealing approach which the singer-songwriter used for this new set of songs. The album is actually her first entirely acoustic offering, which is somewhat surprising considering the four-decade career she has had.

Describing, in great detail, the origins of “Open Dream,” Moscow tells us:

“This song came to me in a dream in August 2021, and the world had been in lockdown for over a year. I had a dream that I was sitting in an airport concourse where a young woman was playing a grand piano. A girl walked over and began singing the most beautiful song I had ever heard. Then I woke up. I was happy the song was still playing in my head, but also a bit grumpy that it was ridiculously early in the morning. I knew if I didn’t drag myself over to the piano and record it, this song would be gone forever.

“Over the years, I’ve had many dreams that have been comforting, embracing, and incredibly vivid. This one felt so real that I actually felt a little guilty at first, like I was stealing the song from someone in another dimension. It was incredibly fun and cathartic creating the video for this song. I was able to play with juxtaposing images of reality, childhood memories, and dreams. Now I see it all as a musical bridge to a deeper place inside myself. It’s a reminder that amidst all the chaos going on in the world, through dreams and music, I can always find my way back home.”


Moscow has really had a very interesting career. Early in her life as a musician, she was a classical pianist. She married keyboardist Steve Gold, a session musician for artists like Sister Sledge, Bette Midler, and Billy Paul. Collaborating together, they found great success as songwriters for film, television, and other artists.

Land of Dreams is one of Moscow’s most forthright musical showings yet. The intention was to strip things down to the bare minimum and let her vocals carry the load. Within that minimalistic approach is a vulnerability that she now feels comfortable sharing. Through life and such a long run in the music industry, she has gained a lot of wisdom. These lessons inspired her to take more control of her music. This is the first time she has produced any of her records.

The confessional nature of the album was also motivated by the time in which it was written. The pandemic times got Moscow thinking a lot, and she poured it into her music. A true singer-songwriter record, Moscow delivers her most personal and strong-willed collection of songs yet.

Annie Moscow “Open Dream” single artwork

Annie Moscow “Open Dream” single artwork