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Hungover Showcase Pop-Rock Vibes on New Single ‘Reunion’




Florida-natives Hungover release their latest single and music video for Reunion via Smartpunk Records.

The dynamic track perfectly highlights the band’s distinctive style of “pop and roll” music, characterized by their genre that is too pop for the rock crowd and too rock for the pop crowd, meeting perfectly in the middle between their influences ranging from Queen to Fall Out Boy to Destiny’s Child. Lyrically, Reunion is an ode to the band’s best friendships and a celebration of those life-long bonds.

Vocalist Marc Cortes had this to say about the release:

“’Reunion’ is named after the neighborhood where my old friends would hang out. No matter how far apart we are, the friendships will last a lifetime. This song is dedicated to the people who encouraged me as I grew up and moved forward in life. The video is a nod to the iconic “rotation” scenes from that 70’s show. The friend group the song is dedicated to would often joke about our sitcom-like dynamic.” 

Hungover “Reunion” Single Artwork