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The Oxys Premiere a Nifty, New Live Video for Their Single “Isolation”

The Oxys from Austin, TX, premiere their incendiary new live video for the single, “Isolation,” today! Check it out now.



The Oxys, photo by David Brendan Hall

The Oxys from Austin, TX, deliver the kind of punk rock‘n’roll that makes fans of bands like Teenage Head, The Damned, Cheap Trick, The Weirdos, Alice Cooper, and The Heartbreakers salivate and gyrate. Of course, V13 is amped to premiere their incendiary new live video “Isolation” today!

Written during the height of the pandemic, the song focuses on the emotions that bubble to the surface while living in confinement. This video was filmed live at Mohawk in Austin, TX, on August 11, 2023 and highlights new drummer Chris Alaniz.

Vocalist Phil Davis tells us:

“‘Isolation’ was written at a time that I was separating from the past, nothing satisfied, and even though there were people around I was internalizing and felt alone.”

Rhythm guitarist Genocide, who produced the video, says:


“‘Isolation’ is such a relatable concept in that most people will know what it’s like to feel so surrounded, yet singular in a world overrun with robotic, validation-seeking automatons.”

The band explains that their new album, Generation Irrelevant, “is the tale of a country that is controlled by an elite class of oligarchs in which society tries to fight back, but is completely oppressed. Middle class and lower class members of this society are pitted against each other by partisan politics and are brainwashed into believing that their opinions and actions can make a difference. They pay no attention to the fact that elite members of society siphon off their personal wealth as they bicker over fabricated social issues leading to a larger wealth gap between the rich and the poor. Terms like Gen Z, Gen X, Baby Boomers, Millennials are thrown around to illustrate social characteristics of each age group, but in the end, they are all Generation Irrelevant.”

Check out the band at the following shows:

10/14/23 – Hotel Vegas (Austin, TX) AC HELL FEST
12/8/23-12/10/23 – TV Eye (New York, NY) FEAR CITY FUN FEST

Generation Irrelevant Track Listing:


1) Ticking Time Bomb
2) Mr. Horrible
3) Generation Irrelevant
4) Death Rock Valley Girl
5) Isolation
6) Vulgar Favors
7) I Feel Nuthin
8) Back On The Wire
9) Horseshoes and Hand Grenades
10) Screaming in Silence
11) Demons (CD Bonus Track)
12) This Town (CD Bonus Track)

The Oxys ‘Generation Irrelevant’ album artwork

The Oxys ‘Generation Irrelevant’ album artwork

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