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Brat Punk Delilah Bon Teams Up with ALT BLK ERA on New Single “Witch”

Delilah Bon teams up with alt-duo ALT BLK ERA on spooky new single “Witch”. Check out the video for the track here…



Delilah Bon

To celebrate the upcoming spooky season, brat-punk hip hopper Delilah Bon has released her new single and lyric video for “Witch”, which features a guest appearance from duo ALT BLK ERA.

The single is described a war cry for women everywhere, past and present, lyrically addressing the thousands of innocent women killed during the 14th-17th century witch trials fuelled by religious fear mongering and misogyny.

Watch the video here:

On the new single, Delilah Bon comments:


“I wrote this song for the forgotten women in history that were killed on suspicion of witchcraft during the 14th – 17th century witch trails. If women were outspoken, if they challenged the church or the patriarchy, they would be forced to confess to being a witch under torture then hanged or burnt at the stake.”

Delilah continues:

“All of it was fuelled by misogyny and the fear of women’s power. They wanted to silence and blame women, killing over 50,000 of them across Europe and America. I did a lot of reading about witches and couldn’t believe how barbaric and wide scale it all was, it only felt right to give these women a voice 300 years later.”

Joining Delilah on the track is genre-bending duo ALK BLK ERA who merge the musical boundaries of rock by incorporating the influences of rap, DnB, electronica and operatic sounds and, through their music, are on a mission to create diverse, safe spaces for alts and their allies.

For more information on Delilah Bon, visit Delilah’s Official Website here.

Delilah Bon “Witch” Single Artwork

Delilah Bon “Witch” Single Artwork

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