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Geoff Eido Releases Haunting New Single “ALL WILL SING”

Geoff Eido’s “ALL WILL SING” is a captivating musical journey that delves deep into the essence of life itself.



Geoff Eido

Geoff Eido’s “ALL WILL SING” is a captivating musical journey that delves deep into the essence of life itself. As the fifth installment of his forthcoming compilation album, this single offers an enchanting blend of exceptional production and a melody that lingers in your mind long after the music stops.

Eido’s lyrical prowess in “ALL WILL SING” is reminiscent of timeless classics like “Bittersweet Symphony,” yet it manages to carve out a unique identity of its own. The song doesn’t just entertain; it challenges listeners to contemplate profound questions about their own existence, purpose, and the courage required for this adventure we call life.

Eido’s inspiration for “ALL WILL SING” derived from a dream, adding an extra layer of mystique to the music. It’s a haunting melody that captures the essence of personal and familial turmoil, and it’s a reflection of the mysterious nature of reality. The track successfully encapsulates the entire spectrum of human experience, from tragedy to marvel, perplexity to euphoria.


Eido describes the song as “haunting and humbling, perplexing and euphoric,” which mirrors the intricate tapestry of life itself. He invites his listeners to join him on this mesmerizing journey as they explore the intricate balance of extremes, the enigmatic paradox of existence, and the light that can be found in even the darkest moments.

Geoff Eido has a track record of using music as a catalyst for social change, and “ALL WILL SING” is another testament to his commitment to making a difference. With his previous release, “WELLS RUN DRY,” he raised awareness and prompted political action against a mining company’s environmental threat. “

ALL WILL SING” is poised to continue Eido’s remarkable journey, promising to leave an indelible mark on hearts and minds around the world. It’s a song that resonates on multiple levels, offering both musical excellence and a powerful message that encourages us all to take a closer look at the world and our place within it.