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C’mon Tigre Releases Their Latest Single “Teen Age Kingdom” feat. Xênia França

Indie music collective C’mon Tigre have released their latest single, “Teen Age Kingdom,” featuring the talents of Xênia França.



C’mon Tigre, photo by Margherita Caprilli

Innovative music collective C’mon Tigre has released their brand new single, “Teen Age Kingdom.” The song, which features Xênia França, is a prelude to releasing a breathtaking new album in late November 2023 via Intersuoni.

“Teen Age Kingdom” addresses the universal challenge faced by teenagers in discovering their true identity. With the remarkable collaboration of Xênia França, a stunning voice from São Paulo representing contemporary Brazilian music, this track provides a profound reflection on the pressures young people encounter while striving to conform to unattainable standards.

In a world that often encourages being someone else, teenagers find themselves struggling not to lose sight of who they truly are. “Teen Age Kingdom” is an anthem from C’mon Tigre to the pursuit of our genuine essence, an invitation to embrace our authenticity.

C’mon Tigre “Teen Age Kingdom” (feat. Xênia França) single artwork

C’mon Tigre “Teen Age Kingdom” (feat. Xênia França) single artwork