On December 31, 2016, Collective Evolution published an article by Kalee Brown wherein she explores the toxicity of baby carrots. Well, long story short, those seemingly always-orange, lasting-way-past-expiry veggies might not be so good after all. Turns out that before being packaged, baby-cut carrots (commonly erroneously referred to as baby carrots; “real baby carrots are those that are only grown until the ‘baby stage’”) are regularly soaked in solutions of chlorine and water in order to reduce the potential of food-borne illnesses. (Ever wonder why there’s all that extra liquid in those bags?)

Now, while it can be argued that the “chlorine solution is within the limits set by the EPA and is comparable to the amount of chlorine found in tap water,” many would argue that no amount of chlorine is safe for human consumption.

“Unfortunately, lots of other pre-cut vegetables are soaked in chlorine too. To avoid chemicals, I recommend always purchasing organic! The hidden costs associated with non-organic produce including health risks and environmental issues are far higher than the premium price for organic products.” -Kalee Brown


The post does a good job of elaborating on baby-cut carrots, their origins, introduction to the public, other common misconceptions, and more. While going organic might not always be the solution, additional options like buying seasonal or local produce, or sticking with “whole” foods certainly helps. Far too often we assume that what we’re ingesting is either safe or good for us. Doesn’t take much time to at least question what you’re popping in your mouth. For those in need, this is a good start….

Rad read: https://www.collective-evolution.com/2016/12/31/the-toxic-truth-about-baby-carrots-why-you-should-stop-eating-them/

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