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The Magi Stand Firm with the Premiere of Their “Ten Toes (The Nashville Cut)” Single

Soul and Americana outfit The Magi aim to inspire with the premiere of their brand new single “Ten Toes (The Nashville Cut).”



The Magi, photo by Tausha Dickinson

When the going gets tough, the tough get going, and The Magi make that very clear with their new single. Today, the soul trio reveals their new track, “Ten Toes (The Nashville Cut).” The reason why it’s “The Nashville Cut” is because it’s a reworked, revised version of the originally released “Ten Toes.”

With their trademark emotion, rhythm, and positivity, the group makes a plain, but profound statement: Life is hard and the chips may be down at times, but being positive and having the right mindset is the key to success. We all have a little resilience in us; sometimes it just takes certain particular circumstances for it to help us along.

Discussing the song, band founder David “DJ” Lee comments:

“As a band, our primary goal is to inspire and encourage with our songs. We write the lyrics to communicate that and we also write the music to communicate that as well using a groove and energy that makes you feel good. ‘Ten Toes’ was written to make a statement that we are standing firm in our positive attitude. We’re also fully aware that life can be painful and difficult, but throughout everything, we found that love conquers all. Standing firm… ‘Ten Toes Down.’”

The release of “Ten Toes (The Nashville Cut)” coincides with The Magi’s showcase today at AmericanaFest. Occurring in Nashville, the festival brings together fans, artists, and industry professionals for a five-day celebration of Americana music.


Lee is joined in The Magi by his bandmates Damien Horne and Kenny Carter. They were previously all solo artists, songwriters, and producers in their own right. That well-rounded knowledge and experience have only served to make them stronger as a unit. They started collaborating in 2019, and now they feel very good about the direction the band is heading. Combining honesty with determination and devotion, The Magi are really hitting their stride.

Upcoming Events:

09/22 – Single Release – Ten Toes (The Nashville Cut)
09/23 – Americana Music Festival – Official Showcase Slot, 9 pm
09/27 – Official Music Video Release: Ten Toes: The Nashville Cut
09/28 – WSMV TV – Today In Nashville – 2 PM

The Magi “Ten Toes” single artwork

The Magi “Ten Toes” single artwork