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The Hutchinson Andrew Trio Premiere Their Delightful New “Bank On It” Music Video

The Hutchinson Andrew Trio premiere their charming new music video for “Bank On It” in tribute to the legendary musician Tommy James.



The Hutchinson Andrew Trio

Jazz is a genre of music that is too often overlooked, so we have arranged something special with The Hutchinson Andrew Trio for today. We are pleased to help premiere the jazz collective’s new music video for “Bank On It.”

The song comes from their new album entitled The Senator: A Tribute to Tommy Banks. It’s a nice little piece of music that really underscores why this trio is considered one of the best jazz groups internationally. The “Bank On It” video was recorded at the Yardbird Suite in Edmonton on December 17th and 18th, 2021. The date was to coincide with what would have been jazz legend Tommy Banks’ 85th birthday.

Commenting on the composition, Hutchinson Andrew Trio pianist Chris Andrew states:

“‘Bank On It’ pays tribute to the late Honourable Tommy Banks’ legacy with a spirit of joy. I moved to Edmonton early in his career to be around Tommy and learn from him. Tommy became more than a mentor to me; we became good friends. This track expresses that joy and friendship.”

The Senator, just released on September 15th via Chronograph Records, is six tracks paying tribute to the legendary Banks. Banks led a remarkable life, with a career lasting more than 60 years. He left a mark in virtually every corner of the Canadian entertainment industry. Banks was a pianist, conductor, arranger, composer, television personality, actor, producer, and even politician. He served twelve years as a Senator in the Canadian Senate.


The Hutchinson Andrew Trio is just one of six acts who were asked to be a part of this recording. The album is meant to be a tribute to Banks’ legacy as an artist but also to the important role he played as a community leader in Alberta and all of Canada. The recognition is well deserved for a person and an artist truly worthy of all the accolades he receives.

The Senator Track Listing:

1. Jig (James Vernon Taylor) 5:06
2. I’ll Be Seeing You (Fain/Kahal) 4:38
3. Kerry Dance (James L. Malloy)/Take the A-Train (Strayhorn) 10:01
4. All of Me (Marks/Simons) 5:57
5. Make Someone Happy (Styne/Green/Comden) 5:26
6. Bank On It (Chris Andrew) 6:42

The Hutchinson Andrew Trio ‘The Senator’ album artwork

The Hutchinson Andrew Trio ‘The Senator’ album artwork