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Lone Kodiak Drop Their “Make It A Weapon [Catastrophzr Version]” Single Today!

Lone Kodiak have released their transformative freshly remixed new single, “Make It A Weapon [Catstrophzr Version] today.



Lone Kodiak, photo by Sarah Lee

Today marks a transformative moment in the sonic journey of East LA’s Lone Kodiak as they release their freshly remixed single, “Make It A Weapon [Catstrophzr Version].” Dripping in mournful beauty yet haloed by a beatific aura, this redux defies classification, reimagining an already hypnotic track as a cathedral of aural intimacy. The song, echoing with themes of transcendent longing, premiered on Idioteq, capturing the ears and souls of listeners who crave depth in their soundscapes.

As the third single following their rhapsodic resurgence with “Corner Booth” on July 7th and its compelling follow-up, “Let’s Hear It For The Kid,” Lone Kodiak pauses the tapestry of their newer, potent narratives to offer us this soul-stirring remix. Think of “Make It A Weapon [Catstrophzr Version]” as a resonant interlude—a moment to exhale and soak in the profundity of their past glory, all before they unfurl yet another seismic shift in sound from their creative enclave in East LA.

In a genre swarmed with hollow choruses and ephemeral catchiness, Lone Kodiak has consistently elevated their art, creating music that dares you to lean in closer even as it wraps you in grandiosity. With “Make It A Weapon,” they’ve already stunned us; but with “[Catstrophzr Version],” the band raises their sound to a plane where ethereal introspection meets electrifying might. It’s a hymn that swells from whispered secrets to cosmic proclamations, compelling you to both ponder and exult.

The band is also offering it up as a way to do good – the track is currently top of the band’s socials as a fundraising effort in support of Zero Suicide in recognition of National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, first declared in 2008. Since then, September has been a time to acknowledge those affected by suicide, raise awareness, and connect individuals with suicidal ideation to treatment services. According to the CDC, each year, more than 41,000 individuals die by suicide, leaving behind friends and family members to navigate the tragedy of their loss. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death among adults in the U.S. and the 2nd leading cause of death among people aged 10-24, and these rates are increasing. If you wish to support the band’s cause, you can visit their IG page.

Lone Kodiak "Make it a Weapon [Catstrophzer Version]" single art.

Lone Kodiak “Make it a Weapon [Catstrophzer Version]” single art.

Think of this release as a curated delicacy of sound, one that resonates with the ephemeral juxtaposition of existentialism and wonder, a fragile yin-yang in sonic form. The unique equilibrium Lone Kodiak achieves is nothing short of mesmerizing—striking chords that are at once hauntingly desolate and dazzlingly hopeful. We can only call it what it is: epic intimacy.

But don’t just take our words for it—head over to Idioteq to revisit the premiere or stream “Make It A Weapon [Catstrophzr Version]” on your favorite platform. Brace yourself for a masterful deconstruction and reassembly of what you thought contemporary indie music could be. The song isn’t just heard; it’s a multi-dimensional experience that burrows deep, then lifts you sky-high.

So what’s next for Lone Kodiak? One thing’s certain: they’re not a band that rests on their laurels. As they continue to push the boundaries of genre and challenge the limits of emotional expressiveness in music, there’s no better time than now to be swept up in their tidal wave of creativity.