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Detective Frog Unveil Haunting New Single “Phantom of the Community”

“Phantom of the Community” serves as a harbinger to Detective Frog’s upcoming album—slated to drop Halloween.



Detective Frog

In the Death Valley desert, where mirages are as real as the rattlesnakes, Detective Frog has conjured an auditory illusion worth its weight in dread. Drawing inspiration from classic movie monsters, “Phantom of the Community” serves as a harbinger to Detective Frog’s upcoming album—slated to drop on the spectral night of Halloween. With tracks named after iconic figures like “Invisible Man” and “Horseman,” the album is a chiaroscuro tapestry that weaves themes of love, death, and the great beyond into its conceptual loom.

Available on all streaming platforms as of September 1, 2023, “Phantom of the Community” is a necromantic maelstrom that leers and lurches. The track spirals through a phantasmagoric funhouse, equal parts Mr Bungle’s deranged euphony and Universal Monsters’ silver-screen horror. With a circus-like air, it pirouettes past canvas tents, its shadowy form divulging a lurking violence—a carnivorous jump scare that lunges from behind blood-spattered folds to consume the unsuspecting listener.

Jacob Riddle, the band’s vocalist and guitarist, comments:

“‘Phantom of the Community (Theater)’ is our best attempt at reimagining the Gaston Leroux classic. We rely on the rock modified waltz timing to guide the listener through the dark verses and heavy choruses. We can only hope everyone has as much fun listening to it as we do playing it.”

Don’t think of “Phantom of the Community” as merely a stand-alone bout of malevolent delight—it’s the beginning chapter in Detective Frog’s new, unfolding dark fable. Emerging from the crypt after their haunting debut, “Pale Teeth,” unleashed upon the world on Halloween 2022, and the bone-chilling second act, “Mummy Dearest,” which saw the light of a cold winter moon on January 23, 2023, this latest single serves as the beginning of a new, macabre narrative arc.

Detective Frog "Phantom of the Community" single artwork

Detective Frog “Phantom of the Community” single artwork

Detective Frog enthralled a crowd of 300 at the Witches’ Festival in Great Falls, MT, in March this year. With the release of “Phantom of the Community” and the impending Halloween album, they’re not just raising spirits—they’re raising the stakes.

For those who crave a taste of Detective Frog’s hypnotic brew, “Phantom of the Community” is available now on all major streaming platforms. To delve deeper into the unfolding enigma that is “Vol. I,” keep an eye out this Halloween.

Vol. I Track Listing:

1. Invisible Man (2:22)
2. Machine Yearning (2:09)
3. The Blob (2:18)
4. Phantom of the Community (3:45)
5. Ghost Cab (2:54)
6. Bedeviled (3:00)
7. Crypt Dip (2:43)
8. Horseman (4:50)