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Bear Of Bombay Drops “Tears from Space” Single & Music Video off LP ‘PsychoDreamElectroGaze’

Bear Of Bombay releases “Tears from Space,” the first single from his upcoming new album ‘PsychoDreamElectroGaze.’



Bear Of Bombay, photo by Markus Sottocorona
Bear Of Bombay, photo by Markus Sottocorona

Italian multi-instrumentalist Lorenzo Parisini, better known as Bear Of Bombay, releases “Tears from Space,” the first single from his upcoming new album PsychoDreamElectroGaze, released in September 2024. Between kosmische rhythms and explosions of colour and melody, Bear Of Bombay is the solo project of Milanese mastermind Lorenzo Parisini.In 2021, he released his debut EP, Something Stranger, in which he merges elements of psych, kraut, synthpop, and post-punk into a highly personal formula, which was favourably acclaimed by international critics and earned significant radio exposure both in Europe and in the US/Canada with single “The Storm.”

“Tears from Space” is a hypnotic journey into space, populated by synth/sequencers, rhythmic loops, noise guitars, and rarefied vocal incursions that create a soundscape in which the listener is transported as if in a never-ending flow in search of something indefinite and unreachable that is space, almost as if it were a cosmic dimension in which to drown.

The single is a ‘trip’ in kraut sauce poised between electronica and psychedelia, between melody and sonic experimentation, enhanced by the participation of Mario Lo Faro of the Catanian band Clustersun, who, with his masterful wrapping and reverberating guitars, enriches the track with shoegaze/post-punk veins.

The track was produced and recorded by Bear Of Bombay, co-produced and partially recorded at Casamedusa Studios (Milan) by Francesco Campanozzi. It was mixed and mastered in London by James Aparicio (Spiritualized, Mogwai, Depeche Mode, Liars, Nick Cave, Cult Of Dom Keller). The music video was created by Milanese visual artist Antonello Raggi. He attempts to visually depict the syncopated movement that the music narrates, as if we were in a hypnotic search for something—perhaps a color—that is both “outside” and “inside.” Raggi uses a technique that dates back to the 1980s of “video feedback and light art performance.”

Bear Of Bombay “Tears from Space” single artwork

Bear Of Bombay “Tears from Space” single artwork

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