Moving Forward” is the title track from the upcoming EP by French artist, composer and producer Francesco Virgilio, better known as Mokroïé. Check him out on Instagram here.

The EP, to be released digitally on November 3, 2023, favours an eclectic electronic sound with stronger rock influences than the past. Mokroïé’s intriguing new single title alludes to a chaotic universe in which creativity and energy are the only great factors capable of repelling evil and preventing imminent tragedies. The goal was to produce strong music that would motivate listeners to act positively.

The artist is inspired by sounds, which evolve into compositions and subsequently into films, culminating in an osmosis of numerous reading levels.

This opening track was written as an instrumental, progressive piece. As it progresses, it holds us for a few unsettling measures before better comforting us with a higher-pitched rhythm until the end, which is jarring and plunges us into abysses illustrated by cyclical and percussive deflagrations. Click this LINK for more information and to keep up with future Mokroïé releases.

Mokroïé ‘Moving Forward’ album artwork
Mokroïé ‘Moving Forward’ album artwork

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