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Detective Frog Unleashes New Single “Invisible Man”

Detective Frog drops their brand-new single, “Invisible Man,” a track that showcases the trio’s unapologetic originality.



Detective Frog

In a world drowning in sonic sameness, Detective Frog surfaces like a much-needed breath of delightfully weird air. Today, the band drops their brand-new single, “Invisible Man,” a haunting and hypnotic track that showcases the trio’s unapologetic originality. What’s more? The single is a tantalizing glimpse into their full-length album Vol. 1, scheduled for a Halloween release.

It’s only fitting that “Invisible Man” premiered exclusively on It’s Psychedelic, Baby Magazine on September 26, a platform known for its finger on the pulse of groundbreaking music. Like a carnival barker out of a Rob Zombie film, Detective Frog invites you into a distorted mirror maze where norms are inverted, and the fringe takes center stage. An unapologetic declaration of existence from those often relegated to society’s footnotes. The result is a triumphant celebration of all who’ve felt cast aside, as vivid and brash as a band that’s played smokey punk bars and witches’ festivals only could.

Detective Frog drummer Ricky Business comments:

“’Invisible Man’ is literally the Invisible Man singing about the things that it means to be invisible. Like the day-to-day difficulties, the individual features of being invisible that you wouldn’t think about. But obviously, there’s this subtext that being invisible is about not being seen, and so… It’s sort of like this yearning, this kind of sexual romantic yearning, juxtaposed with somebody who’s not being seen.”

Detective Frog isn’t just making waves; they’re orchestrating a full-blown hurricane of eccentricity and infectious energy in the Las Vegas music scene. This dynamic trio has been turning Vegas venues into veritable cauldrons of sonic delight. Their electrifying live performances are more than just shows; they’re raucous experiences that leave audiences spellbound and begging for more.


For those not yet indoctrinated, Detective Frog’s journey began with their first vampiric single, “Pale Teeth,” followed by the mystical “Mummy Dearest,” and finally, most recently by the macabre circus dirge of “Phantom of the Community.” Their tracks are aural storytelling at its most quirky and compelling.

Ready to redefine your musical boundaries? Stream “Invisible Man” now, and be sure to catch the complete supernatural experience when Vol. 1 haunts your playlists this Halloween.

Detective Frog “Invisible Man” single artwork

Detective Frog “Invisible Man” single artwork