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Ryan Liberty Megan Unveils Sonic Odyssey with Release of “Nevermind” Single

Ryan Liberty Megan, the enigmatic art-country/alt-rock artist from New Paltz, New York, has unveiled his latest single, “Nevermind.”



Ryan Megan in July 2023, photo by Matthew Hersch

Ryan Liberty Megan, the enigmatic art-country/alt-rock artist from New Paltz, New York, has unveiled his latest single, “Nevermind.” Having already gotten the ball rolling earlier this month with the release of “Chorus” on Aug 1st, Ryan quickly followed that up with its accompanying music video, a mind-melting, hyper-psychedelic visual feast, featuring the likes of horror legends Tom Savini (Friday the 13th, Dawn of the Dead) and Tony Todd (Candyman series).

A testament to raw emotion and unfiltered artistry, the track embodies Megan’s unorthodox approach to music—a chaotic dance between alternative soundscapes and oddly sweet sonic waves. “Nevermind” is a confession wrapped in rhythm, a personal battle cry, a tale of longing for love and acceptance. It’s an anthem for anyone who has ever felt the pang of vulnerability, striving to be understood.

It’s about wanting people to love you and clumsily trying to advertise your flaws to the world as virtues, but then just giving up mid-effort. Like, ‘Oh, never mind, it’s not even worth it.’”

-Ryan Liberty Megan, Art-Country/Alt-Rock Artist

Created in a dazzling single take, “Nevermind” echoes with Megan’s signature irreverence. It’s a raw piece, one that effuses its creator’s lifelong dance with bipolar disorder and ADHD. The single is a bold testament to his artistic prowess, wrought in the same vein as influential bands like The Flaming Lips, Beck, and Ween, but with a personal touch that’s uniquely his.

The song was originally born from Megan’s daily songwriting practice towards the end of 2020, a mystical experience that married art and introspection. It not only showcased his avant-garde approach to composition but his unyielding commitment to embracing life’s darker moments.

You spend your life being a stranger in this world, or trying not to be a stranger. And at some point, when that world starts to die, you can just be like, ‘Oh, wow… so what?’”

-Ryan Liberty Megan, Art-Country/Alt-Rock Artist

Continuing the momentum of this month with this second single is aiming to galvanize an already growing fanbase, and stir up further excitement for his already eagerly anticipated album El Songo. The title being Esperanto for “the dream,” Ryan’s debut full-length is a collection of 15 songs that chronicle a life story through a dream-like narrative, embracing themes of mental illness and cynicism, but also of resilience and hope.

It’s a prelude to the introspective journey that awaits listeners with an autumn release; preorders for the limited edition vinyl pressings are currently available here. A word to the wise: if you’re into transformative, introspective art from emerging artists (or even just into cats), you’ll want to snag one of these pronto.

In the words of the artist himself, “Nevermind” is a love letter to the “never mind, it’s not even worth it,” and “I’m my own best friend” kind of attitude. It’s a restless exploration of the self, adorned with a guitar solo that acts as a flourish, a stamp of Megan’s unapologetic individuality.

Ryan Liberty Megan’s fearless return to music is a rebirth, an affirmation of his place in the ever-changing soundscape. His musical odyssey promises inspiration, a relentless pursuit of artistic excellence that leaves an indelible mark.

Ryan Liberty Megan "Nevermind" single artwork

Ryan Liberty Megan “Nevermind” single artwork