Hot off the release of their single “Stuck Inside” last Friday, maeve & quinn confirm that their first full-length album, Another Door, is due on September 8th. The record is an affirmation of possibilities, especially when the future feels unclear. Anchored in the blood harmonies, lyrical melodies, and dynamic interplay of multi-instrumentalists Maris and Bryce O’Tierney (classically trained on guitar, voice, violin, and piano), the album is an intimate conversation between lifelong friends – something these Alaskan twin sisters know well. Written and recorded in Chicago during the height of the pandemic, Another Door is an imaginative and genre-bending collection of alt-rock-pop-folk songs that occupies its own singular sound.

The album has a cumulative effect – each song builds its own landscape, and the throughline is a feeling of openness evocative of the sisters’ upbringing in the mountainous environment of Alaska. The free, live quality of improvisation also makes its way into maeve & quinn’s songwriting, an extension of the duo’s relationship as twin sisters – their songs are fluid in memory between past and present, layered in perspective.

Another Door bridges the closest distance to the farthest, as the sisters, very much in sync, move between inner and outer emotional spaces. Closing track, “Nothing In Mind,” contemplates and ultimately empowers a sense of self amidst an increasingly cluttered and detached feeling society, as the sisters sing almost in mantra, “I’m not afraid to be weightless, and faceless, and stateless, up here on my own.”

Another Door shows maeve & quinn confidently carving their own path – knowing something new is needed, and reaching forward – as first track, “Stuck Inside,” refrains, “I was looking for a way out…so I build another door, and I walk right through.”

Another Door LP Track Listing:

1. Stuck Inside
2. Jeweler’s Row
3. I Know I Will
4. Chicago
5. 36 Years
6. I Am Her
7. Naming Them
8. Nothing In Mind

maeve & quinn ‘Another Door’ album artwork
maeve & quinn ‘Another Door’ album artwork



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