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Kilmore Stick Up for the “Omitted” With the Premiere of Their New Music Video

Nova Scotia rockers Kilmore keep the little man in mind with the debut of their new music video for “Omitted.”



Kilmore, photo by Kayla Macaulay Photography

In a world full of strife, uncertainty, and distractions, it’s easy to overlook “the little man,” so we’re fortunate to have artists like Kilmore to remind us of who we may not be acknowledging. Today marks the debut of the band’s new “Omitted” music video.

The song is track two off their recently released EP From The Inside, released this past spring. It focuses on the true heroes in life who dedicate their lives to helping others. These folks often don’t receive any recognition for what they do in our celebrity-obsessed culture. It’s those with fame and fortune who receive the bulk of our attention. Kilmore is not having any of it, a band that knows where they come from and appreciates the struggle.

Regarding their new single, singer Heather Harris states:

“‘Omitted’ is the atypical song off our latest EP From the Inside. It has somewhat of a reverie melody, more rock/alternative based. We filmed the video at Black Point Beach in Hubbards, Nova Scotia with home video style images and a dreamy look, which showcases the mood of the song well.”

From The Inside is very much a stoner rock ode to the tough times. The lyrics were, to a great extent, inspired by the environment in which they were written. These were, of course, pandemic and lockdown times when everything, even the simplest of situations, became a predicament for all parties involved. With such an emotional time, that emotion has found its way into the lyrics. There are songs of hope, but also songs of destruction and finding your place in a new reality you aren’t quite certain of. Lead singer Heather Harris had also become a new mother around this time, contributing somewhat to the mixed emotions you find on the record.

The Nova Scotia band is celebrating ten years together this year. As you discover on the EP, their sound exists at the midway point between stoner and hard rock, with more emotive parts combined with full-on, groove-oriented aggression. Producer Jon Landry really helped them tap into that contrast on From The Inside. He helped bring a lot of character to a set of recordings that were all done in the band’s basement studio. Kilmore seems to have honed in with this record, fully realizing their sound and crafting some of their finest work.

From The Inside Track Listing:

1. Tempest
2. Omitted
3. The Destroyer
4. Firestone
5. Underneath
6. Rapture

Kilmore ‘From The Inside’ album artwork

Kilmore ‘From The Inside’ album artwork